Sunday, November 30, 2008

Journey of my life

At last I`m officially a degree holder. I`ve spend most of 2 years to have this cert + and around 3 years holding a scroll of diploma. Oh shit..its so damn long, but for me it was a part of greatest part in my life.

In the middle of next year I will turn 25th. Hence, I tried to recall what am i did for such of long time. Yes its true that 3/4 of my life has been spend for studies. Its sound kinda boring right? yeahh..When I was in standard 6, I hate school much, I hate readings, I hate everything that is related on study field. All I know is just having fun with my friends and its continually happened until the degree scroll is in my hand.

In my head, I`m still thinking about my life at Jengka. When i tried to close my eyes everyday, my brain kept working recalling back those scene. it makes me smiles until my eyes closed to call it a day. But I realized that those things would not happen again, so after I woke up I would take 5 to 10 minutes to muse or may be i lost in thought for a moment thinking about the mistakes that I`m done. Seriously I`m felt really regret for what i had missed & for things that i had wasted. after 5 to 10 minutes my thought stunt by the phone alarm (normally placed beside my head), because normally I would put it on snooze mode. so I got time around 5 to 10 minutes to be wasted :p. lolx. I`m taking my bath then and get prepared my self to go for working.

yeahh, Im riding my honda wave (7th series) to the office and it would takes me around 45minutes from sungai buluh to reach there. on my way heading to the office, my head realized It's no use crying over split milk. For those thing that happen had happened. there is noting to regret for, because that how we learn. how can we learn to walk without falling? More than that why should we keep thinking about the past while there is lots of things need to carry on toward? Everybody would always think about their past but it`s not for somebody. I want to becoming somebody in the future. So this is time for me to looking toward. Still lots of life journey road should need to be taken and what can I do right now is make my self prepared to choose which road should be taken next to make sure that the same mistake will not happened twice.

For all those things that just happened to me is just like a miracle, Thanks to the Almighty for the bless, without the special gift (i.e my parents) I think I did not managed to do so, and i can`t stand still on the stage where I`ve been now. I already got a sweet little girlfriend (hehe "even I`m not that charming") or in the other word is my future wife gonna be :p. I would like to thank to my lovely parents, my siblings, my girlfriend and all my friends for their support to everything that i had been through until now(background music play [kid rock- only God knows why]hehe). For me this is a greatest gave from the Almighty God while i in my journey of my life and make me feel "Im alive!!!!"

AlhamdullillahAdd Image

Friday, July 18, 2008

Dimitar Berbatov

According to Sky sports news, Furguson has confirmed that he has lodged a bid to the Bulgarian "Berbatov". It was a good news for me as a big fanz of MUFC. For me Dimitar Berbatov is a skillful striker and have a superb and fantastic finishing goals. Hopefully we can land the Bulgarian at the O.T. The champs need him!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The first ever blog created by me :)

hi, greetings. Welcome to my blog.
I have no idea why am i creating this blog. why the blog is created? i totally have no idea why i`m doing or creating some kind of freaking things like this. When i studied in UiTM, most of my friends have their own blog. For me it is just a tool to fill up their free time or just a place to wasted their free time or what ever that is related to "free time" :).

Right now i already finish my studies in bachelor computer science and i`m seeking for a job. Even though I have some working experience as an assistant programmer and the bachelor courses that i took is majoring in programming world, but my heart choose technical works as a suitable career for me, so a technical person is what i want to be. I don`t want to be a programmer anymore or anything that are related with "smashing your own brain for coding solution and be haunted by lots of due date ".If hackers willing to break the code, i will put an extra effort to "BRAKE" the code out of my life. So I actively open up a and keep applying a job that are related to technical works, but when I receive calls. They are offered me to work at their company and they prefer me to work as a programmer or s/w engineer.

Until today I only received an offer that will involving me in programing world, and the offer was successfully rejected by me(wakakak). so right now Im still not working yet and the conclusion is, I think I already have the answer of why the blog is created. It is created because right now i have a lot of time to be wasted!!more than that blogging is a great platform for me to share something that maybe will be the useful info for us in the future...(OMG poyo).

i will try to frequently update my blog.



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