Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Good Luck Malaysia!!

Last week I went to SBJ for final first leg between Malaysia and Indonesia. that was great to see Malaysia won it with a dramatic goals.

The second leg will be held at Bung Karno stadium Indonesia. let see what we can do there. I hope we will win there too and STFU the Indonesian. As what we know the most of bloody fanatic Indonesian are failed to use their brain well.

hey Indon.. Dont you think we are smart? yes we are!!
hey Indon...if you think our team are weak, we will prove you re wrong!!tonight!!at your home ground!!we will bite you off to the ground!!

Alfred Riedl : your team cant win tonite Gopal
Raja Gopal : (smile)

Raja Gopal : Team!! Whats your profession????
Malaysia Team : KILL!!! KILL!! KILL!!!
Raja Gopal : get ready your self cos tonite we will dine in Hell, we will eat the poor Garuda again!! 
Malaysia Team : Huaaahhhggg!!!

Alfred Riedl : Run indonn runnnn....please bring your passport olso...:D
Bomoh : OMG passport gue expired sudah...waduhhh!!!

Raja Gopal : GO TIGERS!! kill them all!! we come and WE CONQUER!!
Malaysia Team : AUUMMMMMMMMSSSS!!!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The pieces is fading away blues

I woke up this morning with a heavy head, in half assleep I take a moment to muse (only suparman can did that). I jump off from my bed and washed my ugly sleepy face. The ugly me has been suck up by the flow of water trough the sink.brushed my teeth and im looking at the mirror and tell my self to smile even it just a fake.Its time to let my hard disk rest in peace need to cry over the spilled milk.its time to pick the pieces of memory back to be my precious collections again.

At my office i sat and open up my laptop. while it tried to load the OS, i get my iphone from my pocket and checked my facebook like usual. live feed is the features of facebook that i like the most. i go trough to find out what everybody is doing and of course sometimes got funny vids attached by them. it really kick out the blues out of me for sometimes.

But today i was tagged by my friend on the pictures of him. it really made my heart jump out and smack my mouth to put a pure smile on my face once again. i found again some of missing pieces. i giggled when i saw ugly immature face of me yet again. I really glad even its just a small part of the pieces that is missing.

Damn man, I cant stop laughing when I saw my own face there.
Study group 
gamba ketika zaman geng jiwang..haha

Sadness is all over me...

huh.. its already 2.00 am but i still try to do some writing.

i tried to wrote something on this wall before, but nothing was going trough my head. i like to sleep even i had enough sleep, im taking a nap frequently at my office even im not tired with my works. as the conclusion reach on my head - im lazy. something not right with me. im easily feeling tired.

im feeling hopeless, my world has become more chalenging as for now im missing my good old days as a kid, my happy hour time as a kampung boy. im missing my school life, im missing my campus life. each time im trying to close my eyes, i still can remmember well how my college room look a like. still remmember how everytime i got hungy in the midle of the night. i and ude will wait my roommate zaid to fall as sleep.when he slept, i will slowly stole meggie mee on his wordrobe and ate it with a nasty smile on my face. but when the morning comes, i woke up, i jump from my bed and open my drawer to get some cigarete and waiting for a good time to make a confession with zaid. " zaid aku dengan ude curi meggie ko semalam... ". i did that regularly and i knew zaid was angry with both of us, because he was a meggie kipas susah mati and me and ude like to stole his favaurites.lolx.but he cant do noting because im a dictator in my room. more than that my roomate is more like a brothers to me.

seriously i miss everything on my past. the thing that turn me mad is because my hard disk got crashed, lots of memorable things in that. ohh where can i get back the Top of the world song that has been sang by me?where can i get back those pic that has been missing?urrgghh the freaking crappy vids too..damn.

.i dont want to forget my past..i want to keep it in my head until i die...its so sweet for me. seriously..
hopefully my wife and friend still got the copies...isk2x

hai bengangnye hardisk Rosak...


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