Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Hi all, cause today got a big damn good story. lets take a look on the lyric below. i think this lyric can be categorized as an oldies song. lot of historical momment are included on the lyric it self.

'll tell you a story of a poor boy
-- ohh im so preety intrested now!!
Who was sent far away from his home --- So pity -_-`
To fight for his king and his country
And also the old folks back home
So they put him in the Highland division
Sent him off to a far foreign land
Where the flies swarm around in their thousands
And there's nothing to see but the sand
Well the battle started next morning
Under the Arabian sun --- huaaagghhh.. sleepy...the story is too long.
I remember the poor Scouser Tommy -- big fat loser.
Who was shot by an old Nazi gun
As he lay on the battle field dying (dying dying)
With the blood rushing out of his head (of his head)
As he lay on the battle field dying (dying dying)
These were the last words he said

Oh... I am a Liverpudlian
I come from the Spion Kop
I like to sing, I like to shout -- yes coz you ar
crazy shouting, hoping for title champion.
I go there quite a lot (every week)
We are the team who plays in red
A team that we all know - oh yeah, what team?
A team that we call Liverpool -- omg the biggest loser?
And to glory we will go - yeah the glory to being a loser
We've won the League - you lie
We've won the Cup - you lie
We've been to Europe too - you are a big fat liar
We played the Toffes for a laugh - because u always lose.
And we left them feeling blue - haha.. funny..its your own feeling..

Five Nil ! - you lie again. please dont tell lies

One two -
One two three -
One two three four -
Five nil ! -
just another lies

Rush scored one
Rush scored two
Rush scored three
And Rush scored four! -
at the end why only four?? how it can be 5 nil? biggest lie in history. i dont know why their fans still didnt realized it

so this lyrics is not suit for this era. lots of old story can made their fans day dreaming, so they need to change this lyric a lil bit plus yesterday sad story..

we went to Thailand for a match.
we fight like a man.
we scored once, and they scored once.
but dont worry, dont worry,
we love to draw, we love to draw.
because we are loser..the reds always a loser
loser stay loser :P

my point is, this club always made it fans feeling blue. but i salute them because their are loyal to the club. loyal to this kind of club meaning that you a ready to being a loser. loser always walk with a loser..thats not a problem. i know most of liverpool fans are ready to being a loser for the rest of their life..hahaha

the truth revealed. please wake up from you dream Liverpool fans.
the frustration must be killing them( liverpool players)..look the way Steven kissed the camera...i can feel how desperate he is..:((seriously...

to liverfool fans = loser walk alone..

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I just want to declare that im addicted to pc mods!!..arrghh damn..I`d found my life got busted with pc modification since I bought my new rig with amd 940 PII installed on it. my self turn crazy big spender. I already made an order for a cpu cooling system this week. what can i say is this thing is huge, it look like a beast who conquer each inches on the mobo. Actually I know its hard to maintain my PC if it got lots of huge items. but i don't know why I`d to choose to like a huge item inside my rig..haha..its look fantastic for me
The Zalman 9700NT, I`d choose the beast with green light because my pc theme is on green y mode. hmm..i know it will be hard for cable management on that pc. arrgghh and i still need to thinking about PSU,GC,extra fans,etc,etc..

you got msg!! : holy crab. my 1 tera hd was full...medey money...please make some donation to me..over!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

My New Job got style.

Hi all, as you know I already moved my ass out from HP. Now Im working at TTDI and be a part of IT infrastructure services. i enjoying my working days now because no need to 100% focus on window$ server.

I cant forget how im felt when the first time entering the server room. the enviroment there made me extreamly shocked. the place is clean and cool. I made my step forward and trying to find AIX and HPUX. :) OMG there is a superdome in this room and got P5 too. lol thats the first time I saw the real server lively. standing between p5 and superdome, im felt like i had been guarding by optimus prime and bumblebee.hahhaa

wow backup tape rack + robotic sys

inside the P5
Fibers on P5 that connected to SAN storage

SAN storage EMC2
Superdome HPUX

Superdome again


DELL server -_- noob one.


zzz...window$ server

TAPE rack

Talking to Optimus prime - P5 (AIX my peberet)

PS- Dont tell anyone. at night all these servers tranform their self. they can communicate,can move and etc because they are the autobots !!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Installing freeBSD

Hi all, I think this is the first time I put some technical stuff on my blog.
OK. I choose to give some lesson on how to install a freeBSD on your machine.

hmm..its really nice if you have a vmware(any type of Vm) installed on your machine. so it can decrease the percentage of data corruption or etc.
Ok I will install the freeBSD 6.3, its freely available on the net.

I think its probably easier to install freeBSD compared to other existing OS. but for the first time user, if there is no reference or guidance it may takes a days trying to understand and install the freeBSD or maybe it will end up with error or something suck. and you will screaming loudly "aaaaaaaaaaaaa IM GIVE UP!!!" and people will noticed that the screamer is a loser. lol

ok lets start dude!!

The first basic thing is, you need to insert a bootable CD on your CD drive. omg what a boring task

Ok then, you need to choose what type of installation that you want.
-normally 3 choices provided by the system i.e express , standard or custom installation

-for this lesson - i will choose Custom as a type of installation. because it would be easy to be explained

after that, select the partition partition editor since we are using VM as a platform for this installation, a virtually partition need to be specified first on VM console. and then we will use entire spaces that we had set.
if you want to install physically (No VM), there a two things that you need to consider first.if you want to shared a drive with another OS (let say, windows). carefully delete unwanted slices( not been used by windows) and using it for BSD. it need to be done carefully or you will lost your data instead. if you want your machine ONLY has a BSD installed. just used entire drive to make it easier.

ok what you need to do in disk label editor? Ok i will recommend you to create atleast 4GB for root file sys. SWAP space for example 512mb atleast:). but make sure its at least !1mb larger then max memory on your system (normaly i used to set my SWAP space 2 times bigger than memory. and 1 more slices for /home, you can set as large as you can dude!!it depend on your own usage.

( i will try to explain and provide with some example and info that i got from the net regarding on the SWAP space on the next post)<----if I'm in my mood.:P

OMG i forgot to explained on BootMgr MBR..zzz...actualy i forgot where this things is located. i thing maybe on the partition editor you need to select BootMgr MBR. i guess so....:P

then install a complete system or you can customize your self based on your usage, and give the final confirmation. Then the system will starting the installation process.

that all dude..actually im not an expert, if there is any mistakes on this post,please correct me, as human we commit mistakes, I'm still new for this kind of stuff or in the other word I'm still a kid or baby in UNIX world.LoL. the real reason why i write this kind of things is because as my personal references and of course to encourage knowledge sharing among us. after 25years standing in this world. i realized my brain faced a bad sector problem phenomena and nearly corrupted. So i need to take a vitamin to develop back Those bad sector cell in my brain and this thing act as my backup (backup tape :P) for the data maybe will missing soon. I hope not...



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