Friday, July 3, 2009

My New Job got style.

Hi all, as you know I already moved my ass out from HP. Now Im working at TTDI and be a part of IT infrastructure services. i enjoying my working days now because no need to 100% focus on window$ server.

I cant forget how im felt when the first time entering the server room. the enviroment there made me extreamly shocked. the place is clean and cool. I made my step forward and trying to find AIX and HPUX. :) OMG there is a superdome in this room and got P5 too. lol thats the first time I saw the real server lively. standing between p5 and superdome, im felt like i had been guarding by optimus prime and bumblebee.hahhaa

wow backup tape rack + robotic sys

inside the P5
Fibers on P5 that connected to SAN storage

SAN storage EMC2
Superdome HPUX

Superdome again


DELL server -_- noob one.


zzz...window$ server

TAPE rack

Talking to Optimus prime - P5 (AIX my peberet)

PS- Dont tell anyone. at night all these servers tranform their self. they can communicate,can move and etc because they are the autobots !!!


Abu Zar said...

halaaaa xpayah la nak menipu sumer tu keje aku hahaha... keje ko wat database je gler bowsan..hahahaha xmalu

RyuJi said...

hahaha...ko kuli aku je...klo aku penat2 ko jgn lupe lak buat kan aku teh...wahahhaha...kang aku marah kang..ko tau la

s'luriahk said...

hahahaha...ko jaga Db jer Enchik Ryuji ooo....hahahaha.....Oracle ker?

RyuJi said...

mmg la aku jage oracle..system performance tuning pon kena la...ades..nak hharap kan abuzar abis la..mmg hang la server tuh..hahah


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