Monday, July 26, 2010


bz sekian...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

x-japan - unfinished

let the sky crying once again....
with the blood flowing with love..
with the pain and joy that resides inside the love..

we were born to love..
because of love that make we feel alive..
sometime love make us look silly..
sometimes love put us into vain..
but that is the meaning of love..
that is the magical of love..
the magic is resides inside everyone heart..
everyone has their own magic...
believe me..
because I do..

who is behind all of this?
the most important thing about love
love is the greatest bless from Him..
we were created because of His love...

jiwang + madah-madah  mode off

actually i love this song,
kinda busy recently...
so i just share the song that i love to listen that always remind me about my past.
it will remind me about my life at jengka.
this song that i used to listen before i slept each night at jengka.
damn i miss my student life...
damn i miss my cool edit stuff..
damn i miss my guitar kapok for cool edit stuff..
damn i miss my microphone for those stuff..
i miss counter strike Lan party at hostel..
i miss everything...

p/s : damn i miss my altec lancing!
RIP Altec Lancing - (di pinjam tak reti nak pulang...menyesal bg pnjam)

 Oh! I'm looking at you

can't control myself

nothing, but pain for me

* wipe your tears from your eyes

just leave and forget me

no need to be hurt anymore

# go away from me now

I don't know what is love?

no need to be hurt anymore

you said, "I miss you so much

everynight thinking of you

and facing loneliness"

?But when you feel sadness

never can I stay with you

I'm not the one you need

close your eyes and forget me

there's nothing I can do anymore

I lost my way

I've been walking in the night of tears

there I found someone was holding you

as the night was falling down

with my love also vanished my vision of you

my heart is cold now

[* repeat]

you said, "I need you always

everyday thinking of you

and living loneliness"


[# repeat]

can't find my way

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Plagiarism - the translator

The Google translator is really something!!
Last night my friend buzz me because he spotted something that can be considered as a LULX of that day.

he told me that my bloody article has totally been plagiarized by someone and he gave me the link. I checked it and I found that his blog was daily updated. thats the easiest way to daily update your blog, simple.. just be a plagiarist.

I took an hour to complete my writing, but he just took a minute to copy and paste my article, clicked the translate button and published it on the blog.

now i wonder, is someone admiring my writing even for me it contains with full of shit?lolx.. if he admires me, he will put a link to link back my article to my bloody blog. but hes not! it means that he plagiarized my work. By all mean, my work has been totally plagiarized by using the free translator tool on the net. It looks more freaking bloody shit when it is in malay.

at least modify it first to make it look proper so no body will wink at our bahasa ibunda...

not just that he copied all comments for this article and put it in a different post.....

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The hair cut

For those who was born around the year of  70's to 80's, for sure they will familiar with ANEY's or mamak's hair cut style. During that time lots of barber shops was owned by the Indians or mamaks. My father will took me to the shop for each time my hair look long messy. I hate to cut my hair because after it was cut my face will looked more like a soldier. Not just that, I need to sat without doing nothing on the crappy chair for about half an hour. It was pretty damn long..urgghhh.

Tell you the truth, I had faced an awful incident that then haunted me for each time I made my step into the ANEY's (barber's). That bloody moment scene can’t simply expel from my bloody brain because the bloody incident happened right in front of my very eyes. You know what, while I’m waiting for my turn at ANE's, suddenly the blood splashed on my face followed with tremendous screaming sound. The ANEY was miss cut, He cut the innocent kid lobe right in front of my eyes. It so damn scary and until now it haunted me badly. That’s the real reason why I hate to cut my hair at ANEY's. In my head I had figure out some equation here

ANEY + scissors = Edward scissors hand = damn spooky
damn scary..the sound of the scissor can really kill me

a kid + adult hand + scissor = horrendous
(for me this pic is so damn scary seriously)

In my secondary school time, my problem solved, I  went to the saloon at Pekan PD for each time i wanted to cut my hair, I can choose what fashion I wanted to but of course it cost me more. paling tak boleh lupa…I asked the amoi to cut my hair.

Amoi : macam mana potong?
Me : potong sloop dalam pnya amoi..rambut atas jangan kasi usik ha..(Trend zaman tu)
Amoi : OK

After it was done, I’m happy with the new hair cut. I went back home and walked just right in front of my mom. Jalan pelan2…mak aku dah jerit…Ya Allah, ape dah jadi dengan rambut ko ni? Bla bla bla bla bla pot pet pot pet.. 

I can’t stand with the bebelan from my mum much longer,
I walked out from the house and called my friend,

Me : bro ade mesen rambut tak?
Syuk : ade2x…
Me : jom botak…nak SPM dah ni..wakakakka
Syuk : jom..aku ajak geng2 lain.

I went to his house and gondol my kepala.wakkakaka ... me, shuk, joe, mail, wan bunge and pejal laya.  It was 6 of us.

Next day my botak team was called by the principle of my school.

Principle : korang join skin head ke?
Geng budak botak : mana ade cikgu, kiteorang azam nk study rajin2 ni..spm dah dekat..ringan sikit kepale ni..
Principle : ooo bgus la camtu..harap bukan bende lain la ye.

huahua..By being botak at school it will make you famous among teachers. I don’t know why, maybe it will make your face look terrible & horrible like a pirate atau lebih tepat, macam penyangak. Thats why my teacher Cikgu Roslina labeled us as, hantu skolah, geng botak chin etc etc,

Not just that, on that evening, I went to my ex girlfriend house intended to borrow something from her. From her face I know that she was horrified with my new look. When I called her on that night, she asked me “ kenape botak? Buruk…”

Theres nothing I can say....Wakakka aku botak sangat kelakar ok..

That was the first and the last time for me to gondol my head. For sure theres NO for a second time...full stop..

You know why am I writing all those lame story on my bloody blog?

Actually a week ago I went to One Utama with my wife. We just had some walked to kill some time together but not for shopping because my wallet has been killed by our marriage things. We decided to draw out some money and queuing at ATM machine to buy some foods. There was one female Chinese in front of us with her weird hair cut.  Maybe this kind of hair cut fashion is the latest for the youth nowadays. Maybe for them its look gorgeous and awesome, but for me it seem like her hair is wrongly cut or something and its look weird freaky goofy. I’m starting to wonder how much they pay for this kind of ridiculous hair cut

mak die tak marah ke, ke memang salah potong?tak malu ke kluar gi OU?
mesti di cakap "amoi saya mau sloop dalam senget belah kiri ok"
pic taken by me...:P
what ever it is, she looks more like hell to me.
Too much money will turn people into The bloody fashion victim.

Don’t try this at home: I surreptitiously took her picture with my iphone (damn I still don’t know how to mute the sound when capturing a picture on iphone. It’s pretty annoying me while sneaking)

just wonder, will my hair look like this if im not cuting it for years? its look like a harry potter's broomstick isnt it?
pic taken by the ugly me :P

 no money will turn people into..... ???erkk harry potter's broomstick??

omg please donate now for me....

p/s : I dont know why I love to use "bloody" on my writing at present....damn lah bloody Ryuji!!
tribute to geng botak 
a day before spm exam took place..some of geng botak..

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A song for Gaza

highlight - "While the so-called leaders of countries afar debated on who`s wrong and right"

damn right!

actually they (Palestinians) are fighting alone. we just like observers who are just looking and trying to do something silly from far away. some of the leaders are being fooled by the Israelis propaganda , and we were fooled by their agenda. until now we still blind to find a way to counter them back..they really rule the world by proxy.

if the Israeli are really damn right! i hope they can come out with a vid like this.nahhh!! even a fool can determine who`s wrong and whos right..

p/s tak de idea...hentak archive blog lama..haha

Monday, July 5, 2010

TKO vs myKopitiam

LULX, This morning im checking my nang referral tool, and I found this.

Another extravaganza LULX has been detected.
I cant stop laughing just now and sorry it make me lazy to print screen all these bloody stuffs in order to include it in my bloody blog.

Can I just paste the link here?
sure I can because this is my bloody blog. I can do what ever I want

Another retard has been spotted.

"aku baca part atas je

ini budak ni betul bodoh sial , dah itu bukan kerusi dia , bukan kedai dia , order apalancau. macamni aku duduk kopitiam yang right across Rafi bistro pastu aku order roti canai dari sana boleh aa ? stupid bodoh otak taruk kat lutut , pastu dok speaking english dengan mommy mommy dia , nak je aku lempang laju laju budak2 sial perasan high class ni. fuck "

hhahah...WTH...lain kali bace kasi habis dlu la malaun..serius bile aku bace ape bdak ni tulis kat forum..rase die ni bodoh tahap jamban public je..tak paham bahase??lulx.ade die issue kerusi sape..kedai aku ke? bebal tahap dewa...wakakakak

The bloody lulx for me for this day seriously..lulx

but something that need to be highlighted here... damn!!i still need to do the print screen things!!

lulx 1

lulx 2

For me the moderator for this forum seems smart & mature. He gave his thought brilliantly . I salute him. if compared with TKO, this moderator is at his own level while debating. 

but please give more focus on peakaboo99 & hex...

you know what am I thinking just now?
LULX...Retards forumers has been spotted.

Thanks nang for this damn extravaganza LULX....

p/s : Surprisingly TKO did well this time..OMG..hahha..
click here

p/s : wakkakakkakaka

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Business melayu Vs Cina

I went to pasar melaka last weekend, escorting my mum to spend a lil bit cash for some fresh fish and vegi. "have you eaten yet?" my mum asked me, "not yet mum, perut dah masuk angin dah, can we have some food first?" I asked her back and of course she replied with a positive answer, no mums in this world are willing to see their son stranded in the middle of the hustle pasar. LOLX.  After my mum drew out a wad of cash from the ATM machine, we headed to a food court at the second floor because my stomach kept sang seems like it was asking earnestly for food. We kept dizzy around at the food court to analyze the food at each stall that can really win my heart. 

Each stall owner were trying to acquire the customers by persuading them to sit, at last I found something to eat..Yum yum..roti canai. "ok let have something here" I said. Then we sat at the red chair and made the order. "roti canai satu dengan milo ok" you know what the answer? "sori bang kalau abang nak makan roti canai abang kene duduk kedai sebelah. kerusi warne kuning tu"

erkkk.. I’m slightly miffed, "so kalau nak makan kene main pindah2 la? ouhh macam tu meniage"  litle bit harsh from me as his new unhappy customer. "ok tak pe lah kita makan nasi lemak je" my mum sounding a wee bit softer try to calm me down.

>>>>insert DISK 2
So fellas,

Now the time I’m asking you, is this the way on how Malays do business?

Let say you sit at stall A, don’t you ever think to make an order at stall B. Nahh.. You can but of course you need to move your ass out from stall A and have a sit at stall B. This is the way on how Malays do business. They think by doing so, they can have a healthy competition among others. The best stall will gain most customers there. This is madness, we Malays like to share everything with other races, but not among us. For each year the quota for Malays (DEB) are decreasing because of our kindness and generosity. We point our finger to the government and the system it selves as the reasons thats making us fail to compete with other races. But open up your eyes wide and look around us. It was us who make the system fail. If there is a Malay who try to start a business around us, and at the same time we are doing the same business. We will declaring a war upon them instead of helping to develop well. Hell crazy and cruel right? Black magic, pawang2x, santau are really synonym with Malays but not for Chinese. How about when there are Chinese doing same business around us? We will give a good cooperation to them because of we want to rely on their shoulder in future. Does it make any sense to you?

Learn from Chinese Cina

Because of the stupidity that already buried into most of Malays brain. Let me unveiled the secret on how Chinese manage to success in business. Remember!! The first thing is not about money.

Business is all about how many/big network you have and it’s not about how much money you left in the bank.

Who said the greedy Chinese is greedy? No they are not! If Chinese planning for business, 1st things is, it’s not the money that matters, the “networks” are the real matters, that’s why Chinese like to involve into any association that can give benefits to them. They build a network first so in future they will be lots of hands from behind pushing them from the back to be at the TOP!  And after they are at the top, they will lend back their hand to help others to make sure the "give and take" theory circle everlasting. Thats why you can see there are a lot of small stalls in one Chinese shop, so customers will have a variety of choices so this will indirectly increase the possibility to get a loyal customer.

business is always about networks.

Who said Malays are stupid? Yes they are! And they are the real greedy race on earth! Before they plan for business, they will plan for the profit first. Money is always a matter to them. That is the real big mistake by most Malays because they are indirectly plan to fail. When they fail, their fingers will automatically pointing to someone else because they can’t accept the lost. Not just that, just because of money, they can betray their own brothers and race, this maggot will do everything for money

so whos the real damn greedy?

I already lack of word, and Im thinking to stop my writing now, but last and not least, hey Malays!
Don’t always bother to claim how many people you know, but it’s better to know how many people know you! Open your eyes and look around you, how many people know about your business. In business is about to build up your “GOOD REPUTATION” in the market, so people will know you then. 

Proof me if I’m wrong.

By being Malay is not a mistake, who are we to question the GOD's will?
I’m a Malay and of course I’m proud being a Malay.
I’m not a racist faggot, but just a bit concern about my own race.
Malay is not stupid, but we are.

Malays, a bunch of amateurs, don’t even know how to write the ‘B’ in business.

By knowing both victory and defeat,we are running around and shedding tears. that are actually the way to become a great man. A man can cry, but to be a real man, overcome it.

Am I wrong about this? please tell me..


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