Saturday, July 10, 2010

Plagiarism - the translator

The Google translator is really something!!
Last night my friend buzz me because he spotted something that can be considered as a LULX of that day.

he told me that my bloody article has totally been plagiarized by someone and he gave me the link. I checked it and I found that his blog was daily updated. thats the easiest way to daily update your blog, simple.. just be a plagiarist.

I took an hour to complete my writing, but he just took a minute to copy and paste my article, clicked the translate button and published it on the blog.

now i wonder, is someone admiring my writing even for me it contains with full of shit?lolx.. if he admires me, he will put a link to link back my article to my bloody blog. but hes not! it means that he plagiarized my work. By all mean, my work has been totally plagiarized by using the free translator tool on the net. It looks more freaking bloody shit when it is in malay.

at least modify it first to make it look proper so no body will wink at our bahasa ibunda...

not just that he copied all comments for this article and put it in a different post.....


dee said...

ko tak tinggal komen kt blog tu? ckp la,"nice post,tp cam familiar lah.. cm saya punya post." waka waka.

She is f.A.z.A said...

x sangka tu ..
siap copy comment2 skali =D

Amanda Eltiqaz said...

huhu..jhat nya.. bgtau aa org tu..nk copy pn backlinks la blik..sejuk gk ati kan..


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