Thursday, July 1, 2010

Business melayu Vs Cina

I went to pasar melaka last weekend, escorting my mum to spend a lil bit cash for some fresh fish and vegi. "have you eaten yet?" my mum asked me, "not yet mum, perut dah masuk angin dah, can we have some food first?" I asked her back and of course she replied with a positive answer, no mums in this world are willing to see their son stranded in the middle of the hustle pasar. LOLX.  After my mum drew out a wad of cash from the ATM machine, we headed to a food court at the second floor because my stomach kept sang seems like it was asking earnestly for food. We kept dizzy around at the food court to analyze the food at each stall that can really win my heart. 

Each stall owner were trying to acquire the customers by persuading them to sit, at last I found something to eat..Yum yum..roti canai. "ok let have something here" I said. Then we sat at the red chair and made the order. "roti canai satu dengan milo ok" you know what the answer? "sori bang kalau abang nak makan roti canai abang kene duduk kedai sebelah. kerusi warne kuning tu"

erkkk.. I’m slightly miffed, "so kalau nak makan kene main pindah2 la? ouhh macam tu meniage"  litle bit harsh from me as his new unhappy customer. "ok tak pe lah kita makan nasi lemak je" my mum sounding a wee bit softer try to calm me down.

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So fellas,

Now the time I’m asking you, is this the way on how Malays do business?

Let say you sit at stall A, don’t you ever think to make an order at stall B. Nahh.. You can but of course you need to move your ass out from stall A and have a sit at stall B. This is the way on how Malays do business. They think by doing so, they can have a healthy competition among others. The best stall will gain most customers there. This is madness, we Malays like to share everything with other races, but not among us. For each year the quota for Malays (DEB) are decreasing because of our kindness and generosity. We point our finger to the government and the system it selves as the reasons thats making us fail to compete with other races. But open up your eyes wide and look around us. It was us who make the system fail. If there is a Malay who try to start a business around us, and at the same time we are doing the same business. We will declaring a war upon them instead of helping to develop well. Hell crazy and cruel right? Black magic, pawang2x, santau are really synonym with Malays but not for Chinese. How about when there are Chinese doing same business around us? We will give a good cooperation to them because of we want to rely on their shoulder in future. Does it make any sense to you?

Learn from Chinese Cina

Because of the stupidity that already buried into most of Malays brain. Let me unveiled the secret on how Chinese manage to success in business. Remember!! The first thing is not about money.

Business is all about how many/big network you have and it’s not about how much money you left in the bank.

Who said the greedy Chinese is greedy? No they are not! If Chinese planning for business, 1st things is, it’s not the money that matters, the “networks” are the real matters, that’s why Chinese like to involve into any association that can give benefits to them. They build a network first so in future they will be lots of hands from behind pushing them from the back to be at the TOP!  And after they are at the top, they will lend back their hand to help others to make sure the "give and take" theory circle everlasting. Thats why you can see there are a lot of small stalls in one Chinese shop, so customers will have a variety of choices so this will indirectly increase the possibility to get a loyal customer.

business is always about networks.

Who said Malays are stupid? Yes they are! And they are the real greedy race on earth! Before they plan for business, they will plan for the profit first. Money is always a matter to them. That is the real big mistake by most Malays because they are indirectly plan to fail. When they fail, their fingers will automatically pointing to someone else because they can’t accept the lost. Not just that, just because of money, they can betray their own brothers and race, this maggot will do everything for money

so whos the real damn greedy?

I already lack of word, and Im thinking to stop my writing now, but last and not least, hey Malays!
Don’t always bother to claim how many people you know, but it’s better to know how many people know you! Open your eyes and look around you, how many people know about your business. In business is about to build up your “GOOD REPUTATION” in the market, so people will know you then. 

Proof me if I’m wrong.

By being Malay is not a mistake, who are we to question the GOD's will?
I’m a Malay and of course I’m proud being a Malay.
I’m not a racist faggot, but just a bit concern about my own race.
Malay is not stupid, but we are.

Malays, a bunch of amateurs, don’t even know how to write the ‘B’ in business.

By knowing both victory and defeat,we are running around and shedding tears. that are actually the way to become a great man. A man can cry, but to be a real man, overcome it.

Am I wrong about this? please tell me..


lufkin said...

Chinese are greedy, but they know how to make money better than malay, most of them are money orientated but because of money, they're united. One objective bradeh, money, dan semua orang bekerjasama untuk itu..

Malay pulak tengok politik la berpecah belah gaduh tak habis2 kutuk sana kutuk sini.. Ok chinese pun ada pecah DAP, MCA, GERAKAN tapi ada diorang bergaduh? 'The Hidden Hand' doing a great job dividing them.

Ni apahal politik & Hidden Hand plak ni? Sori2..

Berbalik pasal makan tadi, aku taktaula tapi mungkin ada pengaruh situasi kot, masa ko makan ramai orang x? maybe dia xnak bagi customer yang makan kat tempat dia xde tempat duduk.

kat tempat aku pulak kalau bukan lunch hour banyak tempat kosong, dah amik nasik selamba je makan kat gerai lain xde pulak diorang buat muke langsi nak halau orng.

but apa yang ko kata tu mmg betul yo..

Anonymous said...

exactly....that' how malay ppl do business....


wanie omar said...

omg..not every single lah okay.
i rasa banyak jer businessman melayu yg brilliant. trust me lah,i dah nampak banyak among my friend punya bapak and counterparts2 lain.and fyi,diorang involve international business ok. My point is tak semua malay,STUPID as u said.,!and chinese plak,dont be too proud of them.They are wise but far more tricky.They love outwitting.Thumbs up for them.But thats not our tradition and way.But ya,dont get me wrong..u went a bit mistake there for judging malays.I hope its not because pekerja kedai tuh suruh u beralih tempat ok.Look,u pergi stall food court ok,bukan 5star restaurant.Mybe sebab condition kat situ.tmpat u duduk tuh mybe tak take order roti canai.Kalau u makan roti canai dari stall lain tapi duduk kat stall orang lain tak ke rugi orang tuh??? I know u get me.U kan bijak memerhati??kan?? Okay,Sorry and thank you.thats my comment.

RyuJi said...

lufkin - lolx yeah u damn right..because of money cina bole the greedy cina is not that greedy..huahua...

ude - lolx...

wanie - sorry my word is to general i think. but how about if im said the MAJORITY of malays?

yeah malay ade gak billionaire wat so ever majority in tanah melayu berape kerat je bilionaire klo nk banding dengan cina? bukan nk bangga dengan cina. tp just terima kenyataan.

food court not 5 star hotel?omg..orang datang 5 star hotel sbb layanan + food 1st class bukan sebab star kat hotel y not they just give a very damn good service so people will become their damn loyal customer?

this is not the 1st case... i met a lot of them seriously...

salah ke tolong mamat kat kedai roti canai amik order?kite makan roti canai mamat kedai sebelah..and kite order air kat kedai die.. win - win situation...

its ok if you oppose my article, but for me this is the real damn reality that malay need to face it no matter what.

wanie omar said...

i mean please lah just be lil proud with your own race okey.Obviously tak semua malay lah.And stop saying Malay as 'STUPID'.ouh god,u are malay right? so,are u stupid??

Thats why lah i cakap u bukan pergi 5star restaurant yang boleh serve u first class. U pergi food court yang ala-ala mamak.cincai punya keje ok.So,bila u dah berada di condition kedai macam tuh,dont be too classy lah.Kata nak terima kenyataan,so terima lah kenytaan.thats the way it is.Respect others.Kita bukan macam chinese,giving order jer.(tuh pun tak semua kan)Thats malay to me ya.And one thing,Arwah datuk i jugak chinese and i freakin noticed how they work.

okeh im not being what people call neanderthal.Not willing to change lah apa lah.That was just my perspective on your storypart.Just dont get me wrong.Keep my statement.And i hate when u mentioned about 'stupidity'.so,THANK YOU ryuji.

RyuJi said...

wanie read my i not mentioned that im proud of being a malay?

so vip je deserve to be serve untuk 1st class?warung mamak tak perlu 1st class? 1st class bkn bermaksud nk amik order jilat kasut smpai bersih..

1st class is how to win your customer heart. thats all. tak payah nk renovate kedai smpai jadi hilton hotel.

i am a malay. if malay are stupid. im part of them. its ok for how bout u? thats y i wrote this crazy damn article. so if you said that malay are crazy damn good in business proof me with your article rather than kept saying about your frend father owned an international business and your grandpa is a cina..

so if your really care about your race.. tell me,,, if malay are pretty damn stupid will you be part of them?

RyuJi said...

and 1 more thing. im sory if im hurting u..

bende ni bkn aku je cakap..ko layan forum? normal orang maggot2x racist claim macam ni

melayu = malas , bodoh dll
cina = tamak , rajin dll

so nak nangis?

so for me this is not a right time to cry, its time for us to change and deny it with a fact not just bla bla bla in forum etc etc..

thats my point.

wanie omar said...

U dont get what i mean.Obviously.
okey lah,u dont know me and i dont know u.Better stop this conversation.I dah bagi pendapat i as a reader on your blog,its up to you to judge,Thank you.=)

RyuJi said...

if you said so..obviously yeay right i dont get it. i replied yours based on what i understand from the reply.
am i miss something? lolx..

anyway thanks for the thoughts.

nas said...

saye ckp bm ok...(bi xbagus)
camnie la...
saya ada juga setuju dengan beberapa pandangan melayu mmg ketinggalan drpd cina dr segi bisnes...drpd melayu...mmg ketinggalan....lagi2 melayu dpt bantuan dr gov mudah..tapi dr dahulu org cina mmg maju dr bisnes..maka mereka tolong bangsa mereka sama sampai sekarang sampai org melayu xde peluang...mereka patot bg peluang kpd melayu kerana melayu masih kecil dr segi bisnes...
maaflah,agak kurang ajar kamu mengatakan melayu stupid(bodoh)...bukan semua melayu bodoh ok...kalau melayu bodoh..dah lama org luar memerintah negara nie....

nas said...

dan maaf..saye muda lagi,belasan tahun dan xmatang berbicara bende nie....tapi saye kecewa dgan pendapat kamu...ada baiknya tapis artikel kamu ok...

RyuJi said...

nas melayu dah dapat byk peluang. tp mereke yang tak betul2 gunakan. tu aje...

kenape nk tapis..klo tak suke anggap ni macam cabaran..kene tapis ke?

kritikan yang membina selalunye -ve..kritkan yang menjatuhkan selalunye dari kritikan yang +ve...melayu asik nk kene puji je ke?kadang2 kene kutuk gak..melayu ssh nk terime kenyataan..sebab bg org melayu cam kite ni...terime kenyataan ni macam membunuh diri sndri je sakit die..padehal kite boleh amik ni sebagai batu loncatan untuk berubah..tu je..

so bg aku no tapis tapis...tapis-tapis is bullshit..huahua..

Anonymous said...

hmm i like this article. terbuka minda aku ni skit.
nak komen tapi tak tau camna nak cakap in a proper way..

but i try..
melayu ni dimanjakan sejak dulu lagi oleh govt. minta itu minta ini..kalau tak bagi, mengamuk,lapor kat akhbar, siar kat berita. i mean melayu ni hidup mereka "disenangkan"

but other races,dont have the privelige yang melayu ada. so diorang kena majukan diri but in a hard way.. i think thats why they appreciate, every single chance in front of them especially in business

correct me if im wrong..

ubaih said...

bussiness is customer

Anonymous said...

premise 1 - stall b owner is a malay
premise 2 - stall b owner doesn't want to take order for stall a

therefore, malay is STUPID? there is something called fallacies. maybe we all can agree that 'malay is STUPID' is a fallacy.

kenapa perlu tapis?

everybody's entitled for his/her own opinion. but in malay we have this thing called 'adat & budi bahasa'. and in islam we have this thing called 'hak sesama manusia'.

think harder. maybe together we can make malay a not stupid race.

Anonymous said...

let me repeat after you.

MELAYU BODOH! Damn that feel good

if anybody who dont appreciate a customer walking to their stall dont deserve the money. That is first.

Second, who the hell got the novel idea of only allowing patrons to sit in front of their shop and not elsewhere. The purpose of a food court is u able to sit anywhere you like and eat anything u want!
Bull crap! can the Stall Owner make sure that the "lalat" from another stall not "hinggap" on his stall? (I don't know why I ask this, reflecting in the inherent that Malay are Stupid!)

RyuJi said...

tim - yeah malays got lot of oppotunities from the goverment system? so if malays fail, will we blame the government?will we blame the system (DEB) dont make any sense..right?

anon1 - tell me how to write in full adat and budi bahasa..

"orang melayu yg pandai jgan lah begitu, rajin2 lah selalu..jgn lah busuk hati, kita kan orang melayu yang baik hati" like that?

so who the hell malays will the take note on what am i writing on this freaking blog wall?if you notice,if i write something nasty about them then they will read it until the end and leave some comment so i know the they got the msg. but if im writing with full of adat and budi bahasa, will they read?

anon2 - seriously , this is not the first time i face this kind of situation- pissed me off.

i dont know who the hell creating this kind of crazy idea. but i know, only malay did that...

we failed to notice the meaning of being united.

we are blind to see how good if we reunite..unite is the real strength. that is why we are weak!!

She is f.A.z.A said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
She is f.A.z.A said...

owh i terlambat komen..

okey bagi i..
ur entry was great as usual..=)
n u creat 'debate' among blogger here..congrate!!

n wanie's opinion also good.
since we have our own opinion and i absolutely NOT try to judge anyone whether saper btol saper salah..

Nway Mr.ruji, i really like ur statement "we are blind to see how good if we reunite..unite is the real strength. that is why we are weak!! "

Nub said...

pandai betul abg nih tulis article utk naikkan rating..

ade part aku setuju..
ade part aku x setuju..

..anyway ko kne lebih terbuka dgn kritik..

hellioz said...

i'm not proud of my race

being proud of my race make me feel racists

RyuJi said...

faza thank Q..huhauhua
tak marah oppinion sape2..jus nk defend article sendri..baru ade pro and contra..baru ade debate..huahua

che on - oit FB tak nak reply ke?hehe...aku nk def article aku..kene la def..aku ok je..muahaha

hellioz - aku racist..hahah...pepehal agama bangse negare..

buyat(bebola tomato) said...

hahah kite perasan sume tu dan asyik bercakap benda yang same..kite marah tapi adakah kite cuba untuk mengambil pengajaran dari sume tu?tepuk dada tanya selera

She is f.A.z.A said...

tepuk dada tanya minda ~ ngeeee =)

Nub said...

aku da reply komen kt FB..gua sokong german bro...hahaha

Anonymous said...

One thing that always made me annoyed when going to a Malay shop or stall is that they're always unprepared for the money change.

"Bro, ada duit kecik sikit tak?Saya takde duit balance la"

As long as I've dealt with chinese, never in my life that they were short of money in giving the change, hence the difference in attitude: either you're goddamn serious in business or not.

Business is about everything, and you have to be prepared for it.

Anonymous said...

salam to evryone..

well bg aku lah kan bangsa malay sdri yg mmg bodoh tp bkn sume! segelintir je. on my top list is our own kerajaan (pemimpin) lah! im not talkin bout politic k. igt sng ke nk dpt tender from gvrmnt? cuba tgk yg selalu dpt tender siape? org yg ada pangkat, nama or connection je. pastu bila peniaga melayu berniaga kat tepi jalan yg dok halau sape? badan kerajaan juga! dulu ada kes kt p.pinang gerai peniaga melayu kena roboh tp gerai peniaga bangsa lain x kena roboh (gerai tepi jalan yg x ada lesen) hahaha. kelakar en? yg kaya tetap kaya yg miskin will always be miskin! mcm mana boleh jd mcm ni? sbb tamak! tu lah yg akan jd bila kita pilih pemimpin yg slh! talam dua muka! im not talkin bout politic ok. ;) n klau ikot kan sejarah bangsa melayu ni adalah satu bangsa yg mmg gempak pada zaman dahulu! korg boleh bwt research. just google it but beware ada info yg boleh pkai n ada info yg x boleh pkai so rajin2 lah bertanya kalau sesat! cuma sistem kita dah dilemah kan oleh puak2 tertentu (hidden hands la sape lg).
mereka mmg xnak kita maju pun sbb negara kita negara islam. so dgn cara menyekat ekonomi org2 melayu, mereka will slowly cucuk jarum mereka(devide & conquer). simple as that! kita yg keep on tertido lama2 jd org bodoh! dulu sistem tanah melayu gempak sebab kita ikot sistem islam, sekarang mana pg sistem islam tu? tgk lah majority malays teenagers zaman skg! lalai! nak kejar dunia la katakan n skg ada pihak2 bodoh yg try nak huru-hara kan our history plk! just beware folks! negara kita ni tunggu masa je wei! sad case.

Anonymous said...

biar m'sia ni kena bomb mcm negara arab nun! kasi pengajaran sikit! leka sgt dok enjoy2! lg2 org melayu..merempit lah, clubbing lah, berjudi lah etc. sumbang lg duit banyak2 kat kapir pastu dok ikot sgt punggung si kapir watpa! bodoh! tgk lah apa jd bila ajaran agama diabaikan! skrg, padan muka! x lama lg hancur la melayu kat tanah depa sendiri! hampa tgk jela..

nur said...

haha.. mula2 'mereka' school kan kita dengan cara 'mereka'

ajar sistem 'mereka' yang bukan dari Al-Quran.

kita pun membuntuti 'mereka' sehingga kita merasakan inferiority complex among malaysian.

aduhai.. sila jangan merendahkan pakcik yang memberitahu anda supaya tukar tempat duduk tu..
al least, he is doing bussiness, bukan hanya cakap kosong.


diuji dulu baru berkata,
jangan belum diuji baru nak mengata. ;)

sekali Allah uji anda, baru tahu langit tinggi rendah.

apa pun, Niat saudara saya puji.
moga ada saham untuknya di akhirat.

Allah knows best.

RyuJi said...

lot of my friend do business so do i. of course most comment or critics from my customers are most welcome.

it really helps me a lot in term of the development of my business even its just a part time business. seriously i did many mistakes and thanks to all friends and customers who gave a good critics and support so i knew that i make a big mistakes so i found the way to improve it.

i write this thing is just because of my concern of the malay attitude in doing business. pliz dont label me rasist because of my concern because nowadays people will, if someone say something about the malays development.

i wrote this is just to make sure the massage is heard by the readers and dont blame me because i took the story about the man that i found at pasar melaka as an example so they readers wont repeat the same mistake over and over again.

for me this is the serious problem happened to the Malays. they dont even know to respect the customers right!thats all.

Anonymous said...

kalo niat untuk memberi nasihat, ke arah kebaikan, kearah mmbangunkan bangsa sendiri, patut berhemah la bro....maki,kutuk,provokasi cmne ni x membina la bro.
shall u guys twist a bit your tone into a positive rhythm, then it will sound better....psychologically ppl tend to react better in supportive polite ye bro for our own ppl gak...

RyuJi said...

bro nak berkhemah atau berkemah skali pon kene tengok tempat..this is a known issue bro...dah brape lame..?at least i did something to my people..

im a indirectly i blow all of this thing to me too bro...aku tak sedih dilahir kan melayu..aku tak malu aku melayu..but 1 thing yg buat aku tepikir kenape engkau yang melenting? kalau ko melenting belom tentu peniage lain pon melenting..mungkin die amik positif..

klo ko bukak kitab sheikh abdul kadir Al jalaini..kitab die agak kasar..perwatakan sheikh abdul kadir pon tegas..bahasa die keras...tapi sekali die berhujah beribu masuk the point is..mungkin bg ko keras..dan ko pandang mungkin ade orang yang pandang positive..this is my way..not your way..

Anonymous said...

Erm... kalau melayu buka kedai runcit ke atau business apae ke..jarang2 nampak chinese masuk melayu jugak yg pergi kedai cina dan kasi kaya org cina...sebab melayu ni bukannya racial seperti disangka...tapi siap kutuk melayu tak pandai berniaga...


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