Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Behringer V-Amp 2

I went to salak selatan for COD last nite with forumer -id - bsn. at 11pm as per deal we met there, after negotiation(he is a nice sellet after all) , i got the item and here is the pic of this multi effects.V-Amp 2

this item is quite similar with POD but it abit big and heavy, but its really nice and im felt lucky to have this thing at a very cheapest price.special thanks to bsn for nice item.

after i arrived at home. immediately i installed this thing with my guitar + my PC. peehhhhh ..dont know what to say. its perfect. if compared to zoom, this thing has a nice sound but there is no metronome features installed.V-Amp 2 at the top of my PC
room get messy with all cables da macam cecacing bergelimpangan
urgently need a cable management applied ASAP .

even this thing is quite user friendly, i still need a lil bit time to get master on using it (me noob T_T) anyway what i can say now is "get ready to rock and roll"..


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