Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Good Luck Malaysia!!

Last week I went to SBJ for final first leg between Malaysia and Indonesia. that was great to see Malaysia won it with a dramatic goals.

The second leg will be held at Bung Karno stadium Indonesia. let see what we can do there. I hope we will win there too and STFU the Indonesian. As what we know the most of bloody fanatic Indonesian are failed to use their brain well.

hey Indon.. Dont you think we are smart? yes we are!!
hey Indon...if you think our team are weak, we will prove you re wrong!!tonight!!at your home ground!!we will bite you off to the ground!!

Alfred Riedl : your team cant win tonite Gopal
Raja Gopal : (smile)

Raja Gopal : Team!! Whats your profession????
Malaysia Team : KILL!!! KILL!! KILL!!!
Raja Gopal : get ready your self cos tonite we will dine in Hell, we will eat the poor Garuda again!! 
Malaysia Team : Huaaahhhggg!!!

Alfred Riedl : Run indonn runnnn....please bring your passport olso...:D
Bomoh : OMG passport gue expired sudah...waduhhh!!!

Raja Gopal : GO TIGERS!! kill them all!! we come and WE CONQUER!!
Malaysia Team : AUUMMMMMMMMSSSS!!!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The pieces is fading away blues

I woke up this morning with a heavy head, in half assleep I take a moment to muse (only suparman can did that). I jump off from my bed and washed my ugly sleepy face. The ugly me has been suck up by the flow of water trough the sink.brushed my teeth and im looking at the mirror and tell my self to smile even it just a fake.Its time to let my hard disk rest in peace need to cry over the spilled milk.its time to pick the pieces of memory back to be my precious collections again.

At my office i sat and open up my laptop. while it tried to load the OS, i get my iphone from my pocket and checked my facebook like usual. live feed is the features of facebook that i like the most. i go trough to find out what everybody is doing and of course sometimes got funny vids attached by them. it really kick out the blues out of me for sometimes.

But today i was tagged by my friend on the pictures of him. it really made my heart jump out and smack my mouth to put a pure smile on my face once again. i found again some of missing pieces. i giggled when i saw ugly immature face of me yet again. I really glad even its just a small part of the pieces that is missing.

Damn man, I cant stop laughing when I saw my own face there.
Study group 
gamba ketika zaman geng jiwang..haha

Sadness is all over me...

huh.. its already 2.00 am but i still try to do some writing.

i tried to wrote something on this wall before, but nothing was going trough my head. i like to sleep even i had enough sleep, im taking a nap frequently at my office even im not tired with my works. as the conclusion reach on my head - im lazy. something not right with me. im easily feeling tired.

im feeling hopeless, my world has become more chalenging as for now im missing my good old days as a kid, my happy hour time as a kampung boy. im missing my school life, im missing my campus life. each time im trying to close my eyes, i still can remmember well how my college room look a like. still remmember how everytime i got hungy in the midle of the night. i and ude will wait my roommate zaid to fall as sleep.when he slept, i will slowly stole meggie mee on his wordrobe and ate it with a nasty smile on my face. but when the morning comes, i woke up, i jump from my bed and open my drawer to get some cigarete and waiting for a good time to make a confession with zaid. " zaid aku dengan ude curi meggie ko semalam... ". i did that regularly and i knew zaid was angry with both of us, because he was a meggie kipas susah mati and me and ude like to stole his favaurites.lolx.but he cant do noting because im a dictator in my room. more than that my roomate is more like a brothers to me.

seriously i miss everything on my past. the thing that turn me mad is because my hard disk got crashed, lots of memorable things in that. ohh where can i get back the Top of the world song that has been sang by me?where can i get back those pic that has been missing?urrgghh the freaking crappy vids too..damn.

.i dont want to forget my past..i want to keep it in my head until i die...its so sweet for me. seriously..
hopefully my wife and friend still got the copies...isk2x

hai bengangnye hardisk Rosak...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Selamat Bertempur pasukan Hoki Negara

Aku adalah seorang yang hoki dropout , pernah pergi test sesi uji bakat hoki masa sekolah dulu, pegang kayu hoki sambil gelecek bola, tau - tau bola dah tertinggal kat belakang dan secara tak langsung sukan hoki menjadi sukan loser untuk aku.

Apa-apa pon kejab lagi Pasukan Hoki Malaysia akan bermain di Final sukan Asia dan ini adalah yang pertama kalinya di Final. Sebagai salah seorang rakyat Malaysia, aku bangga. Oleh itu terimalah lagu yang agak popular ketika ku masih di bangku sekolah.

hidup abang Nash - hebat suara dia menyanyikan lagu ini.

Walaupon aku tak paham sistem permainan atas padang sukan hoki. aku tetap Sokong Hoki Malaysia.

Fikirkan Boleh 

Jika kau fikirkan kau boleh
Kau hampir boleh melakukan
Jika kau fikirkan ragu-ragu
Usahamu tidak menentu

Jika kau fikirkan kekalahan
Kau hampiri kegagalan
Jika kau fikirkan kemenangan
Kau hampiri kejayaan

Engkaulah apa kau fikirkan
Terkandung dalam pemikiran
Kau fikir boleh melakukan
Fikirkan boleh

Percaya apa kau lakukan
Tabah apa kau usahakan
Bertindak atas kemampuan
Engkau boleh

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Atlantis

After reading and watching something about The Atlantis, I started to wonder why after thousands of years, many of us still search for the answer of the mystical of mystery of misery lolx. Did it existed or didn`t? we keep searching for the truth over years even we based on some artifact wrote by Plato also known as Aristocle and the articles has yet prove wrong because of some creepy rock etc found by the archeologists. With those finding it really set my mind that Plato story is not a myth after all even nobody has found the exact location for this civilization.

The thing that really makes me exited is about the destruction theories of the lagendary civilization. it takes years to develop such kind of civilization but based on the storyteller it takes just a day to put everything deep down into the earth by the earthquake and floods and become history. but based on the hypothesis made by the researcher some of them said that there was a volcano on the island that erupted and splitting a big wave of lava and buried the city on the island itself. Another researcher said that the island was hit by a meteor and exerting the destructive power like a thousand nuclear bombs. That’s so WOW for me. You know what? This kind of destruction seems very familiar for me.  it really remind me about Noah and his arc, on how the big flood destroy everything and it really make me to think on WHY God had punished them with that kind of disaster.

Based on Plato the storyteller, the Atlantis society was punished because of the development had change the people to became greedy, depraved, corrupted etc and were then divinely punished for it by the earthquake and big FLOODS. A FLOODS guys!! For sure it must be a big waves to destroy everything on the island and the island itself. The disaster was really similar with what Noah and his people had faced.

So this is just my two cents...Does Noah and Atlantis is just the same story? did he come from that legendary island? i really don’t know, but my feeling just told me, yes it is....just im an enthusiastic of mysterious lover but I’m not an expert so my thought is not valid for any kind of hypothesis. It will become a laughing-stock among people who are really into this area.

Whatever relation it is, too good to be true, the reason why the civilization has divinely punished is now a major thing to be discuss.

Could we imagine what may happen to our own home? This is just a warning perhaps to us as a khalifah, we may be heading down the same path of greed and corruption, this story is already stated on the Quran and we must know that Quran is for our references and of course to warning us so much so as to warrant us to a similar divine punishment...
So open your eyes widely, and tell me what have you see around you. the divine punishments is just waiting for the call.

So once again i will put this question for you and me to think about.
Are we ready guys?

With our technology advancing in leaps and bounds, will we reveal the mysteries? even it will takes another thousands years to come, i pretty sure that we will find the answer. But the real question is, will we repeat the same mistakes even we already got the samples..for me the corruption definitely will happen, but will we be part of it? 
Will you?

Once again WE THINK!

Friday, October 1, 2010

ADIL kah tuhanKu yang Maha Adil?

p/s my wife asked me to paste what have i wrote on her blog here. actually i dont have enough time to frequently update this blog like what i did before. therefore she suggested me to paste something here. so it will make me looks sooo rajinn...hahha
copied from

Hidup di dunia yang fana ini adalah derita bagi orang muslim. banyak dugaan yang perlu di tempuh sebagai ujian terhadap kesetiaan pada janji yang kita ucapkan kepada pencipta. amar makruf nahi mungkar panji yang dibawa sebelum kita berperang di alam dunia yang penuh pancaroba .berbekalkan dengan berkat kalimah tauhid & dakwah laa ila haa illallah yang mengalir didalam urat muhammad dalam tubuh badan kita, kita cuba harungi dugaan ini walaupun ia amat memeritkan.

tapi dalam keadaan dunia yang sudah hampir ke penghujung zaman, manusia lupa tentang apa yang di lafazkan termasuklah aku.huhu..lagi-lagi bila kena bala aku memang menyumpah seranah orang yang bawak bala tu, rasa macam nak gigit je tengkok die padahal mungkin Allah sedang menguji hambanya. kadang-kadang bile aku buat baik kat orang-orang sekeliling, dorang buat dajal kat aku pulak. aku tolong orang tu die tikam aku plak dari belakang. ape semua itu? manakah tuhan yang maha adil?adilkah tuhan yang maha Adil itu?
pernah gak aku diuji dengan bapak mertua aku tentang keadilan Allah.

ayah aku kata " kalau tuhan tu maha adil kenapa di cipta Habil dan Qabil berbeza sifatnya, kenape sorang pembunuh dan sorang pula dibunuh?"

aku tak tau nak menjawabnye..

ayah aku tanye lagi " kenape pulak Allah ciptakan syurga dan neraka sedangkan Allah tu Maha penyayang, kenapa tak cipta semua baik je semuanya semua masuk syurga, kan adil tu?"

ayah aku macam nak cuba uji aku dengan soalan-soalan yang memeningkan kepala aku sendiri.

aku mungkin tak ada jawapan tentang pertanyaan yang di diberikan oleh ayah mertua aku tu. secara zahirnya naluri(logic akal) manusia aku memang Allah tak adil pada aku. tapi hati aku masih berkata tidak..Allah adalah adil, Allah maha adil! mungkin itulah yang disuarakan oleh imanku yang lemah..alhamdullillah setakat ini biarpun secara logic akal aku byk rasa kekurangan pada apa yang dikurniakan Allah. tapi hati aku masih berkata Alhamdullillah dengan apa yang di anugerahkan.

soalan ayah aku memang selalu bermain di fikiranku. kadang-kadang aku duduk termenung mencari jawapan. duduk depan pc aku google apa maksudnya maha adil bg Allah, aku buka kitab sifat-sifat 20 yang diberikan guru tasaufku. akhirnya aku menemui jawapan setelah merujuk pada al-fakir illallah sahabat ku.jawapan yang diberikan cukup membuatkan aku berasa malu terhadap tuhanku. terima kasih sahabat kerana membantuku mencari jawapan. al-fakir blog tekan sini

tetibe aku ter flash bank kezaman lampau mase saat2x aku kecik-kecik, anugerah yang paling hebat oleh Al Rahman , Allah telah mengurniakan aku pasangan ibu bapa yang terhebat di dunia, mereka sanggup mengetepikan kepentingan sendiri untuk kebahagiaan anak-anaknya walaupun ada sorang anak angkat dalam keluarga kami iaitu Noraain(hehehe ain abg gurau je). kasih sayang mereka curahkan memang tak ada tolok bandingnya di dunia ini.

dalam hati ku berkata " tak bersyukur lagi ke Mohd Hafiz dengan apa yang dikurniakan? ko buta kah Mohd Hafiz dengan pemberiannya?adakah ini bukan maha penyayang?adakah ini bukan maha adil?"

aku teruskan lagi sesi mengimbas masa lampau dimana aku debesarkan dengan cukup makan dan pakai. ayahku sanggup memakai baju lusuh untuk pergi ke pejabat, bertahun-tahun dia memakai baju recycle sedangkan anak-anaknya dapat baju baru setiap tahun untuk kesekolah. bukan itu aje, tiap-tiap raye sorang akan dapat baju raye yang masih segar bau kedainye"

dalam hatiku berkata " ape kau buta Mohd Hafiz dengan segala limpah rahmatnya keatas diri kau" kau masih tak reti bersyukur?

perjalanan flash back aku tiba di penghujung dimana aku telah dijodohkan dengan Siti Nadiah, seorang isteri yang baik, mendengar kate, pandai menjaga kehormatan diri, beragama dan paling penting dia amat menyayangi ku sebagai seorang suaminya. (puji lelebih skit dengan harapan die blanje pizza hari ni)

hati ku berkata lagi "tak tau lagi ape itu syukur mohd hafiz?siapa kau untuk mempertikaikan segala kehendaknya?

perjalanan back to the future aku tamat dan aku kembali ke alam nyate. sekarang ini aku sering marah2x kalau ada orang cari pasal dengan aku. aku bengang dengan orang, bengang dengan kete orang besar2x gedabak..aku selalu complaint itu complaint ini. padahal ia secara tidak langsung menunjukkan ketidak puasan hati kepada kehendak Allah.

aku menyelidikki diri ini perlahan-lahan, siapa manusia ini?siapakah diri ini?
inilah jawapan yang aku dapat.

manusia ini adalah hamba yang lemah, pemikiran serta deria manusia ada hadnya kecuali diberikan karamah oleh Allah swt. bagaimana kita manusia yang adil dimata manusia boleh menghakimi Allah yang MAHA adil? apakah maksud Maha itu sebenarnye? sesungguhnya Allah itu Maha adil, Maha itu maksudnya terlalu halus untuk kita manusia menghakimi keadilanya.

Maha itu bermakna terlalu teliti sehingga kita manusia yang jahil merasakan bahawa ia tidak adil bagi diri kita. 
Maha penyayangnya Ya Allah sehingga kita manusia yang jahil merasakan Allah tidak menyayangi kita. kerana hati kita buta untuk merasa dan menikmati kasih sayangNya.

cuba fikir sejenak - jika Allah itu tidak penyayang tidak dia menciptakan syurga, dan jika Allah tidak Adil tidak dia menciptakan neraka sebagai amaran kepada hambanya yang ingkar.

jika manusia menjadi tuhan - adilnya manusia dari segi logic akal - dia akan menciptakan semuanya hidup senang, semuanya menjadi raja yang berkuasa, semuanya menjadi kaya raya, tidak ada seorang pon yang menderita- itukah adil dari sudut pandangan manusia?

tapi tidak bagi Allah yang esa. Adilnya Allah adalah maha adil sehinggakan dia menciptakan kita dengan pelbagai sifat, perangai, ada yang kaya, ada yang miskin,ada yang menderita ada yang hidup senang lenang di istana. kenapa? kerana MAHA ADIL itu terlalu halus untuk ditafsir/di ukur oleh manusia jahil seperti kita. kalau semuanya menjadi raja siapa yang akan menjadi petani untuk raja makan hari-hari?sapa yang nak memerintah kalau semuanya diciptakan menjadi petani?bagaimanakah rupanya dunia ini jika semuanya menjadi raja?seimbangkah dunia ini?

semua ini tak dapat diukur oleh manusia walaupun bagi seorang hakim yang sangat adil dimata manusia lain.
sekarang ini aku terasa amat bersyukur, perlahan-lahan aku bertasauf mengenali siapa diriku ini. apa tugas kita di dunia ini? mengenali diri ini untuk tahu apa hubungan kita dengan Allah swt.

Ya Allah, ampunilah segala dosa kedua ibu-bapaku, berikan kebahagiaan kepada mereka di dunia dan juga akhirat. Ya Allah berikanlah keberkatan ke atas mereka Ya Allah, jauhilah mereka dari bencana mu Ya Allah.

Ya Allah, ampunilah dosa ku Ya Allah, berikanlah kejayaan dunia dan akhirat.limpahkan lah rezekimu ya Allah,

Ya ALlah ampunilah dosa isteriku Ya Allah, berikanlah kejayaan dunia dan akhirat kepadanya, limpahkanlah rezekimu ya Allah

Ya Allah kurniakan kami zuriat yang soleh,solehah, cukup sifat, baik berbudi pekerti, berguna kepada agama bangsa dan negara ya Allah

Ya Allah peliharalah rumah tangga kami, sinari lah rumah tangga kami agar kami dapat merasa ketenangan, jauhilah kami dari syak wasangka yang boleh memusnahkan rumah tangga kami Ya Allah

Ya Allah ampunikan lah dosa adik bradik kami, berikanlah kejayaan dunia dan akhirat kepada mereka ya Allah
Ya Allah berikanlah taufiq dan hidayahmu kepada kami insan yang lemah ya Allah
Ya Allah janganlah ko matikan kami semua dalam keadaan kufur dan syirik ya Allah.
sesungguhnya engkaulah yang maha penyayang dan juga maha adil.


Monday, September 13, 2010

It's better late than never

Syawal, As the mark of the end of fasting month of Ramadhan,

Just want to say Happy Hari Raya Aid Ul Fitr for my muslem fellows. I hope for the forgiveness from all of you if what i did is wrong or what ever words that i used on my writing that hurt your butt -- oppss..

haha. anyway once again i would like to repeat

Happy Hari Raya Aid Ul Fitr too All and enjoy your holidays with your loving family

Friday, August 20, 2010

astro beyond - what da heck? RM199??

will you pay for something but it is not yours?
will you care about the life time warranty provided but the item is not yours?

cut that crab. nobody will but for the astro subscriber this thing is normal because you have no other choice.

for the existing customer - the old decoder is yours, but if you want to subscribe the HD channel, you need to change to new astro beyond decoder, dont worry its free plus got a lifetime warranty. + free installation service

nice pakage isnt it?

but who cares about the lifetime warantty because the decoder is not yours anymore. you need to return back the decoder once you have terminating the astro service or else RM500 will be charged if you are fail to.

for new customer -

same pakages has been offered by astro but you need to pay RM199 extra
I called the astro service center last week.

im asking whats the reason for RM199 and the astro representative said that its the price for the decoder and the waranty is for a lifetime

how long is the contract period - a year,  if you terminate the service before the contract period you need to pay it.

the decoder is mine? - no, its not, even if you terminate the service after the contract period, you still need to return it back to astro

what the heck? so RM199, what for? - emm its for the lifetime warranty service sir...

the decoder is not mine..who cares about the warranty..but i have no choice since astro is a monopoly and capitalist company. the new epl & uefa season is already begin..

huh! i hate astro but something in me craving for this bloody service
why am i subsribing astro - read this -,+ESPN+win+EPL+deal+in+Malaysia-a01612018091

 i have no choice. WE have no other choice.
but believe me, if TM win the bid for ESPN  someday, of course i will terminate this bloody services. i know TM is still the monopoly company but remmembere TM is one of the GLC`s

capitalist = everithing is possible.
monopoly = customers is our toys
this kind of thing is useless since astro is the monopoly company. shit lah..

p/s : aku rase asto service center salah bg info. maybe 199 is for installation fee..199 untuk installation fee sangat mahal la..damit. tapi kalau untuk decoder..totally bullshit..

Monday, August 16, 2010

Is it possible to forget something special to you?

Is it possible to forget something special? i had thrown this kind of question to my friends last week, and most of them answered NO. its so damn hard to forget something that you think so special in term of things or a person you really love.

This question kept bugging me when i was studying at Jengka. a lots of things happened there and sometimes it really tested my emotion. im lost, i dont know what to do because i felt so lonely and my mind kept remind me the persons that i love but they were not there for me. i felt like im alone and i wanted to cry to relief something but i cant.

when i was in a very difficult time, i really wanted to have my parents to be by my side, but they were far away from my collage, i grabbed my phone to make a call but i cant because of my ego as a man- i dont want anyone know about about my sadness. im waiting for any call from someone special, dearest  to me but i have no one. for me love is totally sucks! im craving to get my guitar to pluck the strings while listening to the melody of X-japan but all i got was nothing. it maybe just relief me for just some amount of time, but when i woke up in the morning the things will still bugging me and sometimes it turn even more worst than what i can imagine. im smoking a lot and one day i had a bad cough and spat a blood.

im looking to the blood that i had spat, it was too thick and i think im dying, so scared to death. i didnt tell anyone about this, but i still a person who have a faith to the Al-mighty God.  after i did my prayer i tried to grumble about my fate and what had happened to me, i didn't meant to show dissatisfied with what has He did to me, actually i grumble to Him to share something and begging for helps because im totally lost. you know what, i cried and i can tell everything i felt without a doubt to Him. it really relief me a lot, im fetl peace was all over me.

you know what my problem was? yeah its about love. its true that love is cruel sometimes, its truly a very great pain seem like you bury a very damn sharp knifes deep inside your heart, and the knifes slowly slicing you heart and soul to make it split into pieces. i my self cant deal it during that time. i tried to find the answer and im lost in the middle of seeking. but when im asking the God, the answer is found.

Now i have the answer because i already walk trough that path. Today,  i dont know why my friends are  like to share his/her personal story mostly about love. when they got into trouble, they seek for me to give some advice eventho i know im not a type of person who like to kept the secrets that has been shared to me alone. but i love to give my advice to them because i my self have the same problem sometimes, when i give an advice it seems like i motivate my self too.

but the same answer for these question. i know it maybe a POYO one..but this thing had happened to me before and i did the same thing.

kembali kepada Allah kerana dialah yang maha pengasih dan maha penyayang.

hadith imam Tirmizi daripada Anas r.a "sesungguhnya Rasullullah SAW apabila baginda ditimpa sesuatu kesulitan atau kesusahan, maka untuk menghilangkan rasa kesusahan itu baginda mengucapkan, 'yaa hayyu yaa qayyummu birahmatika astaghiistu" yang bermaksud ' wahai tuhan yang hidup, wahai tuhan yang tetap mengurus melindungi, aku berlindung diri dengan rahmatmu'

hadis yang diriwayatkan oleh Ibnu ABbas, Rasullullah SAW bersabda : sesiapa yang banyak beristighfar iaitu mengingati Allah serta memohon ampun daripadaNya, dia dilepaskan Allah dari segala kesukaran dan kesempitan, serta diberi rezeki daripada sumber-sumber yang dia tidak sangka'

hadith yang diriwayatkan oleh Ibnu Naim daripada Ali : baginda bersabda : sesiapa yang selalu ingat dan takut dengan Allah, nescaya dia hidup kuat dan hebat dan dia hidup dalam negerinya dengan aman dan tenteram'.

Firman Allah dalam surah Ali Imran ayat 159, " sesungguhnya ALlah SWT menyukai orang yang bertawakkal kepadaNya"

ps: i hope my friend will read this. i write this because i have the reason for what have i answered because i already went trough that path and of course i didnt mean to POYO or something.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sherlock's 1x01: "A Study In Pink"

For the Sherlock`s fans out there, you must watch this seriously but of course you need to download it first.lolx
the 1st. 2nd and 3rd series has already been released. 

On the 1st episode, it will story on how Dr John Watson decided to become a friend with the real freaking psychopath detective.He assume that life with sherlock will never be boring again. it will story too on how both of them cooperate to defeat a serial killer, a dying cabbie driver who kills for money. the more he kills more will he get from the fan of sherlock itself, Moriarty

i dont want to write more, because i myself hate to read the synopsis of my favorite movies because for me it will ruin the taste of it.So i`ll leave it up for you to judge as a fan.
but for me, i will rating this 1st series : 8 out of 10. it will really whack your brain..lolx

Sherlock 1x02 The Blind Banker
Sherlock 1x03 The Great Game

kafir mengkafir? - part 2

user ryujimitsui has officially been blocked by this bloger.
not just that,some of his comments are also been deleted by him.

so i dont want to waste my time anymore debating something using new nick with this useless coward.
btw, hes a lecturer at UTM and i wonder how he teach his students everyday.
dah la delete comments, lepas tu tuduh aku penyokong KE?aku bukan peminat KE, aku just tak sokong cara dia...dia ni tak reti membace ke?hehe

let me share with you guys what the comments that has been deleted by this coward.

ryujimitsui wrote today at 8:56 PM
"Hukum umum menghina hukum Islam yang jelas seperti azan membawa murtad, tetapi individu tertentu yang menghina tidak boleh terus dihukum murtad. Hendaklah dilihat keadaannya, maksud ucapannya, kefahamannya dan berbagai latar yang lain. Mungkin dia tidak bermaksud, mungkin dia tersasul, mungkin dia jahil dan seumpamanya. Kata Syeikh al-Islam Ibn Taimiyyah (meninggal 728H)"

“Sesungguhnya ucapan yang menjadikan seseorang itu kufur ialah seperti mengingkari kewajipan solat, zakat, puasa dan haji. Namun, pengucapan itu mungkin kerana khitab (ajaran yang betul dalam perkara tersebut) tidak sampai kepadanya. Jika perkara itu berlaku, dia tidak dianggap kafir. Contohnya, golongan yang baru menganut Islam dan hidup di daerah pedalaman yang jauh sehinggakan syariat Islam tidak sampai kepadanya.” (Majmu’at al-Fatawa, jil: 2, ms: 220.)

Maka, tidak boleh dikafirkan seseorang melainkan setengah berlakunya iqamah al-Hujjah iaitu penegakan hujah atau dalil. Setelah didapati dia melanggar batasan Iman dan Islam, hendaklah dijelaskan hakikat ilmu yang sebenarnya dan ditegakkan dalil-dalil yang kukuh kepadanya sehingga dia jelas. Selepas itu, jika dia masih berdegil, dan perkataan atau perbuatan tidak boleh ditafsirkan lagi melainkan membawa kekufuran barulah hukum tersebut boleh dijatuhkan kepadanya. Kata Dr Yusuf al-Qaradawi:

Kita tidak boleh mengkafirkan seorang muslim dengan setiap dosa, meskipun dosa besar. Kecuali ada unsur menganggap halal maksiat itu. Kita juga tidak menghilangkan akar iman darinya, dia masih disebut orang beriman secara hakiki atau seorang mukmin yang fasik (tetapi) tidak kafir.

Menurut Imam Abu Ja’afar al-Thahawi rahimahullah:
Kita tidak mengkafirkan seorangpun ahlul kiblat karena dosa-dosa yang dilakukan, selama dia tidak menghalalkan perbuatan dosa tersebut.

kafir terbahagi kepada beberapa bahagian, dan dalam menghukum seseorang itu kafir kita kena selidik dulu. sebab itu tuhan yang maha mengetahui saja yang boleh menghukum kafir tanpa perlu selidik. tapi kita manusia ini perlu melalui beberapa peringkat untuk menjatuhkan kafir kepada seseorang itu.
Pertama: Baligh dan berakal.
Kedua: Perbuatan kafir dilakukan dengan sengaja.
Ketiga: MENASIHATI <--- ini apa?
Keempat: Perbuatan diukur dari segi zahirnya.
Kelima: Kekafiran memiliki cabang-cabangnya. - Contohnya mengatakan Nabi Isa as. adalah anak tuhan atau tuhan itu bertiga (Trinity) jelas mengeluarkan pelakunya dari Islam. Sedangkan peminum arak atau penzina hanya dihukumi sebagai seorang yang fasiq (pelaku dosa besar),

jika hanya berpandukan beberapa kerat ayat al-quran, abg tak boleh nk mengkafirkan dia. sebab abg bukan lah tuhan yang maha mengetahui!!

jangan delete jika abg betul orang yang memperjuangkan agama! dakwah nabi bukanlah dakwah secara dayus dan menyembunyikan kebenaran

edit delete reply
ryujimitsui wrote today at 9:30 PM
dari sumber2 yang saya beri diatas, tu yang menguatkan hujah saya..
ya saya memang tak tahu tauhid macam ape yang abg tau..saya juga tak tahu akidah macam ape yang abg tahu....saya hambaNya yang jahil..
lagi baik menjadi jahil dari berilmu dan angkuh/riak dan menyesatkan orang.

rasanya abg mesti pernah dengar hadis ini
‘Dalam jasad anak Adam ada seketul daging, jika ia baik baiklah segalanya dan jika buruk, buruklah segalanya, ketahuilah ia adalah hati’.

jika hati masih menyembah Allah, insyaAllah ada lagi sinar yang mengerakkan angota lain sujud kepadaNya..oleh itu jangan la nk mengkafirkan dia sesuka hati kerana kejahilan tp nasihat lah kerana kejahilan dia...
menasihati orang secara tak langsung menasihati dan mengingatkan pada diri kita sendri.
menunduh orang secara tak langsung menuduh diri sendri.

harap abg jangan delete, berbincang secara ilmiah baru kebenaran tersingkap.

p/s : thanks to those who has supported me especially anon who share me those links.

Monday, August 9, 2010

kafir mengkafir?

Lately I’m not feeling good to write on the wall of my blog but not because im sick, its actually because of I  just bought a bloody full HD Sony Bravia that conquering most space in my room. I enjoyed watching Full HD DVDrip movies that I had downloaded from the internet plus a bundle that I copied from my friend..ohh I wish for more free time in my life or maybe got an extra hour per day. Time is running too fast or even faster than the speed of the light.

I just wrongly took a medicine before going to the office, bloody me was just swallowing pills contained a dosage that can put me in a sleepy mode while at work. But I don’t want to fall sleep yet. I want to finish my writing first even I’m on half asleep while typing this.

At present sometimes I like to spend my free time reading random blogs on the net and of course I will drop some comments if I’m feeling disagreed or not with the writer. That is what I am, a bloody nerd with a keyboard who like to debate on the net because I’m not a good speaker on public indeed. During my visit to those blogs, I think there’s something that can be highlighted and shared on my blog

Ok lets reveal the link
Here it below.

I don’t know why I’m feeling disgusted when read an article kafir mengkafir nih~.. For each time I found something similar with this, of course I will drop comments to oppose. Of course I’m not good in religion things, I’m not ustaz, imam or even tok siak di masjid. No need to tell because everybody knows that I’m just a brat with the opinions. But beneath inside my heart I really hope to be a good man, I always dream to see people are calling me ustaz but thanks to the previous me, I like to ponteng fardu ain classes + Al Quran reciting classes + kelas agama kat sekolah because I’m too cheeky and like to break the rules during my childhood.

I believe human was created by the Al-Mighty because of His love.
Allah Maha Adil but we are not. We can’t be fair 100% to the people. So who the hell are we to kafir mengkafir nih??

Let get the thing cleared. By copy pasta the Al-Quran words, for me it doesn’t mean that you can claim other people kafir.
Allah yang mengkafirkan hambanya but not us. But remember pintu taubat sentiasa terbuka For me our job is to make sure ourselves and the people around us are not in dilemma to choose and not lost the faith because of the poor unlucky fate during the walking on the long road to seek/meet the creator. Think! Who we are and what we are.

Al-Quran diturunkan kepada kita untuk menjadi panduan kepada manusia. ia bukan lah hukuman tapi itu adalah peringatan.

Last but not least, I like to quote some hadis that has been thrown by punts2 on the comments section.

"Tinggalkan perbantahan kerana sesunguhnya Bani Isra'il telah berpecah menjadi 71 golongan dan orang-orang Nasrani berpecah menjadi 72 golongan, semuanya sesat kecuali as Sawadul A'zhom. Para sahabat bertanya : Wahai RasuluLlah siapakah sawadhul a'zhom itu? Nabi menjawab : mereka adalah orang-orang yang mengikuti aku dan para sahabatku, tidak berbantah-bantah dalam agama ALlah dan tidak mengkafirkan salah seorang di antara ahli tauhid sebab dosa yang sudah diampuni oleh ALlah. Kemudian Nabi bersabda : Sesungguhnya Islam itu datang dalam keadaan asing dan nanti akan kembali asing. Para sahabat bertanya : Wahai RasuluLlah siapakah orang-orang asing itu? Nabi menjawab : Mereka adalah orang-orang yang berbuat kebaikan dikala orang-orang berbuat kerosakan, tidak berbantah-bantahan dalam agama ALlah dan tidak mengkafirkan salah seorang di antara ahli Tauhid dengan sebab dosa yang telah dia lakukan.
Hadith RasuluLLah yang terdapat dalam Sahih Bukhari:
"Barangsiapa mengatakan kepada saudaranya dengan Wahai Kafir, maka kekafiran itu kembali kepada salah satunya "
Hadith dikeluarkan oleh Ibnu Hibban pada hadith no 81 dan Ibnu Kathir dalam tafsirnya jilid II/266:
" Sesungguhnya perkara yang aku khuatirkan ke atas kamu semua adalah seseorang yang telah membaca al Quran sehingga apabila telah nampak kepandaiannya dalam al Quran dan dia telah menjadi pendokong Islam, tiba-tiba sahaja dia merubahnya kepada sesuatu yang dikehendaki oleh ALlah, maka iapun terlepas dari al Quran dan melemparkannya ke belakang serta mengancam tetangganya dengan pedang sambil melemparinya dengan tuduhan syirik. Aku bertanya : Wahai Nabi ALlah mana di antara keduanya yang lebih patut di anggap melakukan kesyirikan? Orang yang dituduh ataukah yang melemparkan tuduhan? Nabi menjawab : Yang melemparkan tuduhan. "
Dalam sahih Bukhari:
"Barangsiapa yang melaknat seorang Mukmin maka itu seperti membunuhnya dan barangsiapa yang menuduh seorang Mukmin dengan kekafiran maka itu seperti membunuhnya."

p/s : I don’t know which sides are right, but for me please stop the kafir mengkafir thingy. For me it surely can lead to the never ending “disasters” to our holy Islam.

Monday, July 26, 2010


bz sekian...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

x-japan - unfinished

let the sky crying once again....
with the blood flowing with love..
with the pain and joy that resides inside the love..

we were born to love..
because of love that make we feel alive..
sometime love make us look silly..
sometimes love put us into vain..
but that is the meaning of love..
that is the magical of love..
the magic is resides inside everyone heart..
everyone has their own magic...
believe me..
because I do..

who is behind all of this?
the most important thing about love
love is the greatest bless from Him..
we were created because of His love...

jiwang + madah-madah  mode off

actually i love this song,
kinda busy recently...
so i just share the song that i love to listen that always remind me about my past.
it will remind me about my life at jengka.
this song that i used to listen before i slept each night at jengka.
damn i miss my student life...
damn i miss my cool edit stuff..
damn i miss my guitar kapok for cool edit stuff..
damn i miss my microphone for those stuff..
i miss counter strike Lan party at hostel..
i miss everything...

p/s : damn i miss my altec lancing!
RIP Altec Lancing - (di pinjam tak reti nak pulang...menyesal bg pnjam)

 Oh! I'm looking at you

can't control myself

nothing, but pain for me

* wipe your tears from your eyes

just leave and forget me

no need to be hurt anymore

# go away from me now

I don't know what is love?

no need to be hurt anymore

you said, "I miss you so much

everynight thinking of you

and facing loneliness"

?But when you feel sadness

never can I stay with you

I'm not the one you need

close your eyes and forget me

there's nothing I can do anymore

I lost my way

I've been walking in the night of tears

there I found someone was holding you

as the night was falling down

with my love also vanished my vision of you

my heart is cold now

[* repeat]

you said, "I need you always

everyday thinking of you

and living loneliness"


[# repeat]

can't find my way

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Plagiarism - the translator

The Google translator is really something!!
Last night my friend buzz me because he spotted something that can be considered as a LULX of that day.

he told me that my bloody article has totally been plagiarized by someone and he gave me the link. I checked it and I found that his blog was daily updated. thats the easiest way to daily update your blog, simple.. just be a plagiarist.

I took an hour to complete my writing, but he just took a minute to copy and paste my article, clicked the translate button and published it on the blog.

now i wonder, is someone admiring my writing even for me it contains with full of shit?lolx.. if he admires me, he will put a link to link back my article to my bloody blog. but hes not! it means that he plagiarized my work. By all mean, my work has been totally plagiarized by using the free translator tool on the net. It looks more freaking bloody shit when it is in malay.

at least modify it first to make it look proper so no body will wink at our bahasa ibunda...

not just that he copied all comments for this article and put it in a different post.....

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The hair cut

For those who was born around the year of  70's to 80's, for sure they will familiar with ANEY's or mamak's hair cut style. During that time lots of barber shops was owned by the Indians or mamaks. My father will took me to the shop for each time my hair look long messy. I hate to cut my hair because after it was cut my face will looked more like a soldier. Not just that, I need to sat without doing nothing on the crappy chair for about half an hour. It was pretty damn long..urgghhh.

Tell you the truth, I had faced an awful incident that then haunted me for each time I made my step into the ANEY's (barber's). That bloody moment scene can’t simply expel from my bloody brain because the bloody incident happened right in front of my very eyes. You know what, while I’m waiting for my turn at ANE's, suddenly the blood splashed on my face followed with tremendous screaming sound. The ANEY was miss cut, He cut the innocent kid lobe right in front of my eyes. It so damn scary and until now it haunted me badly. That’s the real reason why I hate to cut my hair at ANEY's. In my head I had figure out some equation here

ANEY + scissors = Edward scissors hand = damn spooky
damn scary..the sound of the scissor can really kill me

a kid + adult hand + scissor = horrendous
(for me this pic is so damn scary seriously)

In my secondary school time, my problem solved, I  went to the saloon at Pekan PD for each time i wanted to cut my hair, I can choose what fashion I wanted to but of course it cost me more. paling tak boleh lupa…I asked the amoi to cut my hair.

Amoi : macam mana potong?
Me : potong sloop dalam pnya amoi..rambut atas jangan kasi usik ha..(Trend zaman tu)
Amoi : OK

After it was done, I’m happy with the new hair cut. I went back home and walked just right in front of my mom. Jalan pelan2…mak aku dah jerit…Ya Allah, ape dah jadi dengan rambut ko ni? Bla bla bla bla bla pot pet pot pet.. 

I can’t stand with the bebelan from my mum much longer,
I walked out from the house and called my friend,

Me : bro ade mesen rambut tak?
Syuk : ade2x…
Me : jom botak…nak SPM dah ni..wakakakka
Syuk : jom..aku ajak geng2 lain.

I went to his house and gondol my kepala.wakkakaka ... me, shuk, joe, mail, wan bunge and pejal laya.  It was 6 of us.

Next day my botak team was called by the principle of my school.

Principle : korang join skin head ke?
Geng budak botak : mana ade cikgu, kiteorang azam nk study rajin2 ni..spm dah dekat..ringan sikit kepale ni..
Principle : ooo bgus la camtu..harap bukan bende lain la ye.

huahua..By being botak at school it will make you famous among teachers. I don’t know why, maybe it will make your face look terrible & horrible like a pirate atau lebih tepat, macam penyangak. Thats why my teacher Cikgu Roslina labeled us as, hantu skolah, geng botak chin etc etc,

Not just that, on that evening, I went to my ex girlfriend house intended to borrow something from her. From her face I know that she was horrified with my new look. When I called her on that night, she asked me “ kenape botak? Buruk…”

Theres nothing I can say....Wakakka aku botak sangat kelakar ok..

That was the first and the last time for me to gondol my head. For sure theres NO for a second time...full stop..

You know why am I writing all those lame story on my bloody blog?

Actually a week ago I went to One Utama with my wife. We just had some walked to kill some time together but not for shopping because my wallet has been killed by our marriage things. We decided to draw out some money and queuing at ATM machine to buy some foods. There was one female Chinese in front of us with her weird hair cut.  Maybe this kind of hair cut fashion is the latest for the youth nowadays. Maybe for them its look gorgeous and awesome, but for me it seem like her hair is wrongly cut or something and its look weird freaky goofy. I’m starting to wonder how much they pay for this kind of ridiculous hair cut

mak die tak marah ke, ke memang salah potong?tak malu ke kluar gi OU?
mesti di cakap "amoi saya mau sloop dalam senget belah kiri ok"
pic taken by me...:P
what ever it is, she looks more like hell to me.
Too much money will turn people into The bloody fashion victim.

Don’t try this at home: I surreptitiously took her picture with my iphone (damn I still don’t know how to mute the sound when capturing a picture on iphone. It’s pretty annoying me while sneaking)

just wonder, will my hair look like this if im not cuting it for years? its look like a harry potter's broomstick isnt it?
pic taken by the ugly me :P

 no money will turn people into..... ???erkk harry potter's broomstick??

omg please donate now for me....

p/s : I dont know why I love to use "bloody" on my writing at present....damn lah bloody Ryuji!!
tribute to geng botak 
a day before spm exam took place..some of geng botak..


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