Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Black Magic

Last night the sound of Asian completely vanished. Damn my last hope Japan has been knocked out from the WC campaign. I think my WC is already over  for me,  and this is the right time for me to have a nice sleep and wait until the final match.

Huh,,I hate this world cup..after the night when Germany was knocking out England. 4-1 ?damn... still unbelievable result for me. I just wondering whats the thing or strategy that they used to defeat England. Now I found the answer..the secret revealed. They used a black magic....

That is why I hate Germany.

please Dont try this at home.

arrghh malas nye nak tulis panjang2x..damn England kalah! cepat skit start EPL..damn.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Luna & Ariel Controversial Picture

Received an Email from Mr Z

Title : Luna & Ariel

with header : "Wey..cover2 sikit nak tgk... Pandang kiri & kanan..."

with picture attached.

Luna & Ariel

....Damn...Luna really damn sexy isn't it?...

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Handwriting

In my secondary school life, my name was  infamous among teachers because of my bad handwriting. It cause me a mental discomfort when I needed to submit my work to the teachers because I knew my name will be announced and be tortured in front of my classmates later on. I think maybe they tried to release their tension after devouring everything I wrote. Its quite embarrassing because I suddenly become a laughing-stock among my friends. I just smile and sat back but my heart felt really t-offed.

Can you imagine on how bad my handwriting is? let me give you some tips so you can imagine it well. during my secondary school, physic was the subject that I like the most. for physic notes, I will try my best to make it look proper. If compared to other subject notes, physic was the best among others, but my physic teacher was still complaining on me, " jenal (bkn name sebenar) awak kena cuba baiki tulisan sebab nanti examiners susah nk baca susah nnt" said Mr Benedict. But hell yeah! I knew Mr Benedict was not  facing any difficulties to read mine, because his handwriting is a little bit crappy. This is a fact, normally  for those who have a crappy and dreadful handwriting, you  were born as a talented encrypter and decrypter. If you have a bad handwriting, dont tell me if you cant read mine. Its because since we were a child we trained our eyes and brain to read our own handwriting that is more look like an abstract. So its not difficult for us to read others dreadful handwriting because its our natural habits. We were trained to be an encrypter, and only good decrypter can decrypting it. its Us!! (who has a crappy handwriting).
so thanks to God, we are born as a natural encrypter and decrypter. lolx.

I had a girlfriend in school, during that time, the biodata was a mandatory thing that need to be exchange in order to get to know each other better. Because of my dreadful handwriting, I never sent out any single raya card or a biodata to my friends because I knew it may make me look like a moron and silly. Until that day when my girlfriend asked me about the biodata, It stressed me out. oh shit, I dont know how to write it, a lot of things need to be shared, but how can I  write it with my dreadful handwriting? for me it will embarrass me if she know how is my handwriting look a like. I had no choice, she kept asking me then, so as a result I gave her an A4 size paper contained my name and IC number, oh yeah!! pretty stupid right. it took me around half an hour to fill it in a piece of A4 paper with just a piece of shit information because I cant stand to write it properly. a lot of A4 paper which failed to meet the requirement, has been flooded my dustbin. I cant even sleep well on that night. now you know what has cost me with this kind of handwriting! you know what? I fold it and quickly passed to her and walk away. please dont laugh - that is the real story on how I lost my biodata virginity.

tak gune tangan hensem tp tulisan buruk

Every time I wanted to draw out some money from my ASB bank, it seems like I drive my self in a very difficult time & place. why? It is because my signature is too unique and even I myself cant remember it well. I dont have an official signature because its hard for me to re-write it back in 95% likeness.  Thats is why I have a collection of freaking signatures. for each bank I registered, each of them have a different signature of mine as well. So when I try to draw out some money, the person in charge will force me to sign exactly like what I had sign during the registration. Oh shit. how can i? my signature is too unique. I will try as hard as I can until they satisfy. Same things happen when I bought my first car. I need to put my signature on every page of the agreement, the result is, for each page it contained different signatures of mine. I dont know what is the impact on the future so I just submit it to the dealer. My signatures collection are really trouble me a lot. I'm feeling piss off!

Now im just wondering,
Is handwriting so important, after all, most of us use a word processor as adults?

The answer is yes and no. You are right in saying that handwriting is only a tool, a means to an end without any intrinsic value – unless you want to become a calligrapher.  - © 2010 Psychologist in Sussex, England 

Oh thank God for his bless, I work in IT field. Each of my day is saved by the button keys on the keyboard..So nobody will notice how good suck my handwriting is? But of course sometimes it trouble me a lot 

so can you read mine?

Super crazy handwriting

super buruk hodoh nota ku

P/s : Tak de idea, amik dari blog lama...urrgghh...terngiang-ngiang 4-1..saje nk skipkan article yang memalukan dibawah...huahuahua

Whats the reason for me to include this quote at the end of my article?emm...nothing, I just like it. and this is my blog. i can put anything that i wanted to. huahuahua

Sunday, June 27, 2010

England Team Erupt`s

Capelo- team!!! whats your profession?
England - kill,kill,kill huarrrghhhh!!!
Capelo - tonite we dine in hell!!!
England - huarrrrhhggggg kill kill kill!!!
Germany - run forest....Run!!!!(crying)

This is the right time to STFU Germany.

Dont you cry tonight!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

The X-Files - Mistisfiles

Howdy guys. I read some good blog and it made me think about the thought that has been thrown by a group of writers who claimed themselves as Mistis Organization (M.O). It has a logic there by the way, and that makes me interested to continue my reading. they had pen of their thought to the blog with lots of reliable fact. Nowadays, there are a lot of blogs who owned by the political freaks. It sounds disgusting because most of them will write an article based on a mere hearsay(WTH). because of the stench of rotting articles, it has made my day crazy. So its better for me to clean up my brain and fill it up again with some historical, technological or others info that can benefit me and keep my brain working.

alter terahsia bangsa melayu BHG1 written by them is a good article to be read for me. After finished my reading on that article, it made me stunt and muse for a moment, it was a great conclusion even im not 100% believe on it. To tell you the truth, besides HBO, Hallmark and ESPN, im a big fan of discovery channel, national geographic, history channel and others.(even I hate astro) By reading this article it made me jump to the conclusion.

so lets open up again the book of x-files

1- The mystery of 2 billion years old Nuclear Reactor.
In year 1970, the remnant of 2 billion years old Nuclear Reactor has been found - it was a great shock to the world, does it mean that the nuclear technology has been used by human before Albert Einstein was born? As we know Albert Einstein develop his famous E=mc2 equation relating matter and energy over a century ago. with that equation human invented a nuclear technology and it has been used until now. But how can they found the ancient nuclear reactor? does it mean that this equation has been developed by other person before Einstein was born or Einstein it self had managed to develop a time machine so he can travel back trough time and pass his famous equation?

from the evidences found, the conclusion made by the archaeologist, alchemists & researchers = hidden hand, alien help, created by nature?
click here and here to get more info about this.

2- The Noah`s Ark

I think everybody knows about the legendary of Noah`s ark history and there were a proof by the archaeology that this is not a myth, if im not mistaken the alchemists had found Noah`s ark artifact in Turki at mount Ararat. Some of archaeology believe that the ark construction just took about 1-2 weeks to be completed. It sounds nonsense and they came with the same conclusion like the ancient nuclear was. Who wants to believe that Noah can build up a tough enough ark that can survive even the world was punished by a great flood.There's nothing left as the flood rise it wiped out all the creation but the ark manage to survive. Even with the current technology that we have. it's still impossible to build the gigantic ark but how come Noah and his followers can build the ark using primitive technology and it will make nonsense if they can build it up just for 1-2 weeks. sound kinda crazy isn't it?

so the archaeologist, alchemists and researchers conclusion = hidden hand, alien help, created by nature? -ps : hey your conclusion has made me bored!!

please do google if you want to find out more about Noah`s Ark.

3- The ancient Pyramids

I think this is a well known issue that has been discussed and until now this thing still remains a mystery to us. Some of archaeologists and alchemists believe that the pyramid has been built by the Egyptians and overseen by the pharaoh`s supervisors. but some of them disagree with that, they believe that the pyramids are already existed before the pharaoh`s era. when the era of pharaoh, they only maintain the pyramids. there were many thoughts regarding on pyramids mystery. until now the puzzle is still remain unsolved.

so the archaeologists, alchemists and researchers conclusion = hidden hand, alien help, created by nature?

ps: hey!! please shut up. don't you ever try to repeat the same conclusion over and over again. its enough!! you turn me crazy..

google yourself to find out more - DIY..

After read the M.O`s article, i found a new logic conclusion at last. even im not 100% believe on it, i think its more worth it to read the article even it is too long compared to a bunch of fitnah politics article. the conclusion is simple and who really knows? we found the ancient nuclear reactor, pyramids etc, but do we ever found aliens?if it was a hidden hand behind all of this (GOD)..why it takes 1-2 weeks? by the hand of GOD He can build it up just less than a second. He can even create more than that and the ark can even breath to live.

so fellas, here are the questions that we need to answer..

who was the hidden hand that help Noah to build up his ark?
who was the hidden hand that build up the famous pyramids?
who was the one who help to build and share the high tech technology to build up the nuclear reactor?

there are a lot of things that remain unsolved mysteries in this world.. who is behind all of this?

new conclusion - ANSWER =
 High tech Machines

... but the mysteries remain unsolved!!

I know my article is lack of reliable fact and of course i my self not really good in History, but for me its something to be research.

p/s: i always believe that everything comes from our God i.e ALLAH. never doubt about it. He can help us in many ways. invented high tech machines to make our day easier is still considered as Rahmat from Allah, He gave us ideas to invent the machines. He`s behind of everything.

please read this for more info - alter terahsia bangsa melayu BHG1

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Education System III - Why English?

First of all, thanks Mr anonymous for a long comment, I’m really glad to receive a comment even my article is being opposed. The clash of ideas will change the world, I always believe in that for sure. yes when we talk about learning, it’s actually will indirectly tell us about our journey of life. but in the context of education, we stress more on how to shape up people`s mentality, how to train people`s brain to be more creative etc ,instead of just to remember everything in the books.

I didn’t mean to underestimate the articles wrote by them, It’s fine for me. But it’s in our culture. This is one of the traditions that need to be crack out from our culture. You can see that most people will easy influenced by the person who carry a Prof Title rather than listen to someone idiot like me. By carrying the Prof Title it means that you carry a bag of cash. Whatever you write or publish will be acknowledged by people out there as long as you wrote something i.e inside of your educational background.

if you are aware, you will notice that certificate is something important nowadays, for example, me as an IT people need to be certified first in Oracle and Server before I can give some touch on production servers. It means that certificate is something that can change people's impression and gain their trust.

Regarding on political freaks blogs that i had claimed on my early post, it is my personal perception actually. if we find a blog contains 98% of politic articles but the writer is a student in IT for example, it really shows that his interest is more on politics. The question is why did he take IT courses? Why is his blog containing 98% of politic stuff? How about IT stuff, does he forget to include it in his blog? i believe the chances to attract other people to read is higher if he writes something about IT because of what he is...

How about math & science in English? It’s simple. At present, English language is a pillar of knowledge. Why should you recall everything that already past? past is past, nothing to be proud of but we can take a lesson from the past, I believes that mistakes are the great teacher, that is the real purpose of studying history, so the mistake won’t be repeated. How did English language can become a pillar of knowledge today? Previously Arabic was widely used because most of latest technologies were recorded using Arabic, English people MASTER the ARABIC FIRST before they translate it and claimed that everything is come from them. Seeking knowledge is an obligation upon every Muslim, even in hadith of the prophet said "Seek knowledge even as far as CHINA". The Question is Why did our prophet mention China? Most of us misunderstood about this hadith and claimed that Chinese is good in everything but think,why did our prophet not referring to the Jews instead?
See below..

Previous civilization….. -->India --> China ---> Arab ---> English (present)

Before Arabic, China people is the real damn SIFU, they invented many new things, that’s why our prophet mentioning China as a source of knowledge. (wallahualam)

To be the best is to learn from the best! Sound simple isn’t it? Before we want to learn something from the best, first we learn about their culture, we learn how they think, and we MASTER their language!! That were the mandatory steps that they used to overtake the Arab. So why don’t we start from now, learn English until we get master because recent/updated technologies information are recorded in English.Anyhow, If we able to master more than 1 language it means that we can grab a lot of opportunity to digging knowledge. As what you can see most of successful people are able to speak more than one language (master multi-language).

I’m not blame anyone who choose Arabic, Japanese, mandarin etc as a second language because its not a wild-goose chase things but We must LEARN English in the other hand because its a mandatory by now. Seriously, by learning other languages it doesn’t mean that we wink at our Bahasa Ibunda ....please stop the immature, childish, primitive thinking because it will get the situation even worst.

tell me, by learning English does it mean we adore that language?you are barking too much Mehdi, you are the one who devour everything even it is a piece of SHIT.are you blind and deaf? did you notice nowadays Indian and Chinese use English to communicate daily. like what Saleem learn English we need to have the environment.

yes our education is a failure mostly in english subject. like what i said, if we want to master english language, the FIRST thing that we must do is to study their culture. why should we? If you notice, we fail to have the enviroment for learning english. since we in standard 1, we just learn english according to our english text books, we lack of practice and implementation. 

To tell you the truth, im an english dropped out. i got 7 for english, but after i manage to continue my studies at the university, i can understand english well. why did it happen to me? most of the subjects were taught in english, we use english to communicate with the lecturers, we presented our projects in english and it made me feel the enviroment, i felt like belonging to one culture that is suitable for me to learn english. Thats why the government tries to implement english in secondary school, so we can slowly adapt the culture and enviroment to the students. this is one of another good effort by the government to improve our well known primitive system.

but why dont we just start it from primary school level? if we notice, kids are not ready yet, physically and mentality. if we implement this, i think most of them will cry and hate schools much. it is because of they cant adapt themselves in the new enviroment, they cant even absorb the home they speak malay to comunicate. they are not ready yet. it will definately kill their spirit and intention to study. it will get the thing worst! - (its just my oppinion)

so how to counter this.

parents need to slowly adapt the enviroment to their child starting at home. nowadays we can see that chinese and indian are slowly adapting english in their life. thats is why they have no problem when it comes to english because they are already have the basic. all parents need to give a good cooperation to the goverment in order to create the "english learning enviroment". right now we are lack of certified teachers to teach math and science in english. if we do some english test to the UPSI's students for example, maybe just around 1/4 of them will meet the standard. so dont just blame the goverment, we should cooperate to develop the "ENVIRONMENT" first.


If we do not take the first step from now. A lots of booby prizes are waiting for us!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

TKO (tranungkite) = shit?

My friend text me last night..

Moy : bro check it out, got something for you. [link].. it will really pissed you off
Me   : WTH, its time for sleep liao..I need to work tomorrow kanasai!.
Moy : No You must see it first. lolx..this is the real LULX of the day.

guess what had I found?

LULX! My picisan blog link has been published there. wait!!I,m not happy just because of that!!To tell you the truth, for me this is the forum that I hate the most. It contained a lot of non-quality articles that can really messing up your brain. Not just that, most of the forumers there are totally shit, too fanatic and bias to a certain type of political view. They fight for the checks and balances government but its look like that their side are too angels. A bunch of fitnah forumers there are writing based on the mere hearsay and of course they pressing the keys on the keyboard with their lunatic emotions. I dont mind even my article being opposed but at least deny it with a fact. Pity them, they are too childish and immature.  Im laughing like crazy when reading those replies.

1 blood shit

2nd blood shit
3rd blood shit!!

I think maybe their brain are failed to function well due to overdose swallowing "pil kuat" like hell. hhahahha..

Now I know how can Obefiend easily pranked RPK. Its not a suprise, even their god (RPK) can easily  got pranked, same goes to his fanatic pencacai...


the reliable sources???the reliable shit??hahahah
Thats what we call an extravaganza LULX...

Monday, June 21, 2010

Education System II - Breaking the Tradition

refer to my previous article : Education System I - Teaching methodology

Since im not the minister of education, I`d like to share my thought among readers, at least we can get a picture on how our education system works.

Did you ever think about the reason why im still trying to write in english even my english is poor? i think you can guess...

Did you aware since we were a child, We have been patented by our education system & the environment especially most of malays like me. Did you notice, everytime when your teachers asked, what person are you gonna be in the future? I believe most of us will proudly announced to be a police, doctor, teacher, soldier, etc.Thats how our mentality/thought been set up/shaped up by the pathetic education system, we have been taught to be a servant for people, tell me how many will answer that he wants to be a business man or a millionaire who have many workers on their company just to increase the assets? Name me your teachers who always encouraged you to be a business man? for me, my answer = none of them!

After we finished our primary school life with a flying color + superduper + powerrangers UPSR result in hand (exclude me please, Im a UPSR dropped out), the same thing goes like what the primary school enviroment was, the only difference is, the number of text book that need to be carried to school every day were increased, we carried those books each day just to make sure that we pass the PMR and SPM exams. We were trained to remember everything inside but not to implement the knowledge inside the books. Teachers were struggling to complete the syllibus before the examination took place. they did some research using their past year exam collection to find out on how can their students scored, so they will receive a good KPI in return and the school's name will be famous. Did you know, when i was in secondary school, I always wonder why do i need to study math, history, etc because i thought those will become useless when I work someday. it means that teachers failed to relate the connection between all subjects with the real life. That’s why most of students lost his/her focus in class because they think that those subjects are not in the same case on what they gonna be in future.
carry big & heavy bag just to be a slave to someone.

The situation changed when nuar braim was caught. Special thanks to him, at least he helped to break the primitive thinker boundaries.lolx. If you notice, during that time most of the teachers suddenly become a political freak wannabe, they forgot about the syllibus that need to be catch up, and indirectly they inspired their students to become a politicians one day . As a result we can see a lot of blogs created by the IPTA and IPTS students,
Please go through these blog below, i believe its owned by students who can be describe as a political freak wannabe.

I like to read politic articles, Im strongly agree that we still have a responsibility to VOTE  in order to choose the right leader, by mentioning these blogs, it doesn’t mean that i hate politics, politics is a good stuff to learn!!but who cares even selecting a right leader is a must? Did you ever notice, they are talented, unfortunately they are not lucky enough to receive an offer from IPTA to further their studies in political studies field. Why are they not taking the course? it’s simple, its NOT US to decide, Its THEM. as a result the articles written by them can be considered as a trash/rubbish stuffs. It doesnt mean that i try to underestimate them, but think wise fellas, if you hold a degree scroll in mechanical engineering but you publish something about politics in blogs, how many people will acknowledge yours? does it making any sense?

Same thing goes when you are in IPTA or IPTS, even if you are a business student, your lecturers will ask you which company that you’re willing to work for after graduate, rather than what type of BUSSINESS that you want to do after finish your studies? How many lecturers will encourage you to become a great business man, most of them will prefer you to work as a servant to the rich eventho they teach business subjects. Am I wrong about this? Since we made our first step into school, our brain has been abused by the system until now. We learned how to remember but not on how to implement the knowledge.
as a conclusion we waste our money and time for taking the course because the system produces us to become slaves. So can we just point our finger to the minister of education or the government?
NO, Not yet bro and sista..! When the government tries to make some changes on the system, we get mad,

the best example : math & science in English - we turn mad because we scared that our siblings, nephews or our daughters will fail to catch up the syllibus PLUS it will destroy the "kedaulatan bahasa ibunda"...OMG what a primitive thought! dont they know that mistakes are the best teacher + theres no easiest way, no shortest path to be successful...

Because of our primitive thought we produce a person like me - primitive man with poor English but still trying hard to write something!

So TELL ME, whos the hidden hand behind all of this???


P/S : Thanks to those who dropped your comments on my previous articles, i need shoes to keep on doing so, it is actually gives me some inspiration and of course  i need some support because now i had realize that being a writer is not as easy as i thought.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's day

I cannot remember a person in my life that had a more significant influence on me than my father.If some one asking me who is the strongest man in this world, I will answer my father is ,because he has the strength to raise me and sacrifices a lot for his family, even a man who can hold a mountain cant did that.

My mum told me, when I was a kid, my father bought a new calculator, its quite expensive during that time because it can store phone numbers, got schedulers and etc. It also got an alarm with a monotone music sound that can really WOW a freaking curious kid like me. The sound of that calculator alarm revolt my curiosity to know what make that thing functioning. Day by day I cant resist the curiosity feeling, so one day when my father slept, I slowly climbed the wardrobe and stole the calculator, I ran out to the backyard and smashed the calculator with a rock until a chip came out from the calculator. oh nice.. then I get confused on how can this freaking chip can make the calculator singing every morning. I dont know what to do then, I took the broken calculator and try to hide it. But unlucky me, my father found the carrion of that calculator that I hide at the backyard, he called me because i am the most suspected son. This is not the first case I stole and broke his properties, thats what make me the most suspected. He asked me, "sape buat ni haa?" he looked at me with anger. Lucky me...on that time my grandpa was there. He laughed and said " hahahhaha, mano tumpah nyo kuah kalo tak kek nasik " and He laughed again..maybe my grandpa's word had killed his intention to punish me. My grandpa really saved my day.( this is based on my mom's story, seriously i cant remember it, it happened a long time ago)

I still remember when my father took his masters. He stored his thesis work in his PC, so that PC become his private property. when he was not at home I switched on that PC and played some games without his permission. I enjoyed my day playing games until the sound of my dad's car reached my ears, I will switched off the PC like a bat out from hell without shut it down first and pretended like nothing happened. This thing happened repeatedly until the hard disk crashed. my dad was really mad at me, i had been punished and cried. i can see how disappointed he was at me. His words were really telling me how desperate he was. He took a year to collect all those stuffs for his thesis and I was the one who crashed it just in a month. You know what happened next?  He bought me a new PC, so I can used it without disrupting his work. You know what, my mum told me that he made a loan from bank to bought me a new PC.The loan he made is not for his own purpose, he still used the old slow  PC, but the new one was hand over to his troublesome son.

Lots of things that my dad did to make sure his son raise to be a good man in future even it sacrifice him a lot. seriously he gave a lot of sacrifices for his cant be described inside this unknown freaking blog. Nothing in this world can be compared with what my dad did to raise me. I am grateful and proud to be able to call this wonderful man my dad! may God bless my father and hope and pray that he stays around for many more years to come.
I still need you dad. - please take care of your health. jaga makan.
i dedicate this song to my dad

I would like to Wish Happy Father's Day to My dad. Thanks for your everlasting love
 Thanks for everything

p/s : you know im an English dropped out. i text my father to tell him about this blog. i told him that the real purpose I created this blog is just to improve my English. you know what was the reply? 

"Your blog are excellent. some plus thing need to be highlighted are

Your discussion of the given topic seem matured, very broad because it includes pro and contras, there is continuity from one idea to another, the delivery also fine.
Of course the grammar there is a few mistakes but not serious. congratulation."

simple msg but it really inspire me to write more.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Education System I - Teaching methodology

I don’t know why suddenly streamyx can stream youtube faster than before, is it a symbol of streamyx evolution from siput evo1 to arnab evo 9? a good news for people like me who like to spend most of my time in front of the laptop streaming videos and google to find anything that can really gain my interest. lately i spend most of my time on streaming documentaries videos and stress more on 7 wonders gardens of ancient world.
its really interesting videos to be watch after all.

Historical things are something that can really make some people yawn at. I’m the one who can be the best example, I hate history classes, until today if you put a history book in front of me and force me to read it with a gun. i'd rather pull the trigger myself. since i was in secondary school, history is the subject which i failed to score. I don’t know why my brain cannot well functioning when it comes to history. I remember nothing when my teacher asked me about Mat Kilau, Tok Gajah, kesultanan melaka, Mesopotamia etc. So the best way for me was skipping the history classes- MIA

I’m starting to wonder how can i manage to stay put in front of my laptop with 100% focus watching videos about the ancient history even the fact is i hate history subject? The videos tell the same story as what my history teachers taught. the Mesopotamia civilization chapter for example can really makes my brain explode if I’m trying hard to understand what my school history text book was trying to explain. believe it or not, i can clearly understand now what Mesopotamia civilization is by watching the documentary videos. Not just that, after finished watching the videos about Mesopotamia civilization, the curiosity to know more about Alexander the great, The akkadian, babylonian etc comes through my heart and it makes me start to google for extra videos. Seriously those videos are really engrossing me.

Can someone explain what is exactly happening to me recently? Its simple! Video is more interactive if compared to reading materials. If we talk about the historical things, its something like puzzles, each pieces got a connection among others, each connection is something encrypted, just by reading i think the decryption process will give a bad result of course. we need to have a high imagination to decrypt the connection to solve the puzzle. the archeologists themselves will use their ability of high imagination before it comes to hypothesis but definitely if we based on imagination it will give a number of hypothesis.]

So how about people who are poor/lack of imagination skill like me but has been forced to study history because it is a mandatory subject in our country's education system? do we need to practice the same method like what archeologists did? do we need to train our brain to be more imaginative?

look at the flow below and it will tell you what exactly will happen.

Archeology  --->  artifact  --->  research  ---> imagination --->  result  ---> hypothesis  ---> journal

archeoloSHIT ---> artifact ---> don’t know what to do ---> play PS3 ---> sleep ---> wake up ---> artifact ---> dustbin ---> PS3 again ---> sleep again

Gifted student (high imagination skill)

Student ---> history book ---> read ---> imagination ---> understand --->  mind map ---> score A

Mental disability student (lack of knowledge + dumb + low imagination skill) <-- me

Stupident ---> history book ---> read ---> pressure ---> PS3 ---> mama scold ---> read ---> pressure ---> drugs ---> die ---> become history

How effective the history video is?

If you throw a history book to the bookworms, 97% of them will read it, but how about the percentage of bookworms' SHIT? 99% wont! if you want to teach something to others, FIRST..You need to gain their interest, for me i think by using videos as a material of teaching; it is simply the best practice. Nowadays you can find a lot of education videos material on the internet, so why don’t we just use it?. Besides Text Books, I would suggest to the ministry of education of Malaysia to introduce videos teaching method to the teachers across the country if I’m able to because i believe that our education system are very primitive. We need to do something to improve the system before it’s too late.

so fellas, As a result, Im lack of word now. so full stop! .

to be continued....

p/s :actually I’m lazy to continue my writing, get ready for England Vs Algeria match....i bet the 3 lions will roar like a king today..gogo rude boy Rooney...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Unity is the strength

How to destroy one Islamic country?

- If you want to destroy one Islamic country you dont need a thousand of Mongol C4 ,atomic boom or even a nuclear. it will dwindle a lot of your money and time.

Just hire a good provokers, send them to the Muslim city, provoke the leaders and brings an internal conflict among them, then they will arguing each other, their follower will turn mad and spill their on brothers blood. thats what had happened to hammas and fatah in Palestine, syiah and sunni in iraq- i think so 
- opss how can i forget to mention about umno and pas in Malaysia..lolx..

ok, flash back time...

If i heard someone talking about Palestine in my head got 2 names to be mentioned.

1- Khalifa Omar bin Al-Khatab - he was the second khalifa, in battle of fahl,the muslims army under his surveillance were managed to conquered Palestine from Rome.

2- salahudin al ayubbi (Saladin)- he reclaimed and liberated back the palestine from the kingdom of Jerusalem in year 1187. he was a hero of the ummah on that century.

But in year 1917 the prime minister of Britain entered Jerusalem and announced that the crusades war has ended. John Belford promised Jerusalem land to the Jews and 31 years later the Jews establish the Israeli state.

Until now the Palestinians Muslim still fight back to get back the holy city.everyday the Palestinian blood spilled, the holy land is like a hell to them but they still fight back in order to reclaim the city. but the result is still the same, they are fail until today. the tears shed every night in Jerusalem.

So who will become the next hero? there is no answer until now. do we need to wait a leader that can re-unite all muslim like what salahudin al ayubi did? we know that unity is the real strength but, are we?

Listen to soldier of Allah - 1924 song , remember, history is not something to be proud of, but we take a lesson so it wont be repeated. so listen carefully on this song.


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