Friday, June 18, 2010

Education System I - Teaching methodology

I don’t know why suddenly streamyx can stream youtube faster than before, is it a symbol of streamyx evolution from siput evo1 to arnab evo 9? a good news for people like me who like to spend most of my time in front of the laptop streaming videos and google to find anything that can really gain my interest. lately i spend most of my time on streaming documentaries videos and stress more on 7 wonders gardens of ancient world.
its really interesting videos to be watch after all.

Historical things are something that can really make some people yawn at. I’m the one who can be the best example, I hate history classes, until today if you put a history book in front of me and force me to read it with a gun. i'd rather pull the trigger myself. since i was in secondary school, history is the subject which i failed to score. I don’t know why my brain cannot well functioning when it comes to history. I remember nothing when my teacher asked me about Mat Kilau, Tok Gajah, kesultanan melaka, Mesopotamia etc. So the best way for me was skipping the history classes- MIA

I’m starting to wonder how can i manage to stay put in front of my laptop with 100% focus watching videos about the ancient history even the fact is i hate history subject? The videos tell the same story as what my history teachers taught. the Mesopotamia civilization chapter for example can really makes my brain explode if I’m trying hard to understand what my school history text book was trying to explain. believe it or not, i can clearly understand now what Mesopotamia civilization is by watching the documentary videos. Not just that, after finished watching the videos about Mesopotamia civilization, the curiosity to know more about Alexander the great, The akkadian, babylonian etc comes through my heart and it makes me start to google for extra videos. Seriously those videos are really engrossing me.

Can someone explain what is exactly happening to me recently? Its simple! Video is more interactive if compared to reading materials. If we talk about the historical things, its something like puzzles, each pieces got a connection among others, each connection is something encrypted, just by reading i think the decryption process will give a bad result of course. we need to have a high imagination to decrypt the connection to solve the puzzle. the archeologists themselves will use their ability of high imagination before it comes to hypothesis but definitely if we based on imagination it will give a number of hypothesis.]

So how about people who are poor/lack of imagination skill like me but has been forced to study history because it is a mandatory subject in our country's education system? do we need to practice the same method like what archeologists did? do we need to train our brain to be more imaginative?

look at the flow below and it will tell you what exactly will happen.

Archeology  --->  artifact  --->  research  ---> imagination --->  result  ---> hypothesis  ---> journal

archeoloSHIT ---> artifact ---> don’t know what to do ---> play PS3 ---> sleep ---> wake up ---> artifact ---> dustbin ---> PS3 again ---> sleep again

Gifted student (high imagination skill)

Student ---> history book ---> read ---> imagination ---> understand --->  mind map ---> score A

Mental disability student (lack of knowledge + dumb + low imagination skill) <-- me

Stupident ---> history book ---> read ---> pressure ---> PS3 ---> mama scold ---> read ---> pressure ---> drugs ---> die ---> become history

How effective the history video is?

If you throw a history book to the bookworms, 97% of them will read it, but how about the percentage of bookworms' SHIT? 99% wont! if you want to teach something to others, FIRST..You need to gain their interest, for me i think by using videos as a material of teaching; it is simply the best practice. Nowadays you can find a lot of education videos material on the internet, so why don’t we just use it?. Besides Text Books, I would suggest to the ministry of education of Malaysia to introduce videos teaching method to the teachers across the country if I’m able to because i believe that our education system are very primitive. We need to do something to improve the system before it’s too late.

so fellas, As a result, Im lack of word now. so full stop! .

to be continued....

p/s :actually I’m lazy to continue my writing, get ready for England Vs Algeria match....i bet the 3 lions will roar like a king today..gogo rude boy Rooney...


NaNaJoe said...

nice info 4 sharing~~
keep it up k!!~ :)

lufkin said...

lol.. Dgr cite streamix mmg dah improve sket untuk video streaming, too bad imma broadband user..

btw quite true.. sejarah is boring kalau baca je..

Anonymous said...

Our education system is rubbish. Setiap tahun ade je bende diorang tukar. Elok je org blaja Science ngan Maths in English, tukar balik. Pastu komplen pelajar Melayu hadapi masalah adaptasi ngan English medium.

Setiap kali menteri baru masuk,die nak buat bende baru. Kalau nak tgk keberkesanan suatu implementasi,ia perlukan mase atleast 3 - 4 tahun. Kalau tukar setiap tahun, tak gune implement pun. Buang duit rakyat je.

Education system is meant to make us all dumb employees. Dari darjah satu hingga ke universiti, kita di paksa untuk menghafal pastu muntah time exam. Where is the channel to practice critical and innovative thought? Kalau tak percaya, try jawab soalan maths ngan cara lain, but same answer. Teachers will never accept it.

No wonder majority of wealthy people are uneducated. How ironic..we sacrifice to get degree for many years and end up working for people for the rest of our lives. Pastu retire at the age of 55 and still finding ways to earn money. How terrible.

Solution: Build a pipeline, don't carry bucket everyday.


Anonymous said...

ala pis..mmg adala..tambah2 utk subjek sains.mmg ada cd nye..cuma kdg2 x smpat nak guna angkara nak kejar sillibus...x abis sillibus pun, kena soal jawab nanti..kalo bdak fail pun..kena menjawab gak.....


Anonymous said...

MOE is too busy supporting those MLM Score A fags who actually really care more about their commission rather than the students/parents who bought the Score A package.

My FB wall is full with posts from these fags.

RyuJi said...

lufkin..jgn subscibe strimix dlu..tunggu unifi..hahhaha..aku dah test..torent HD blueray rip size 40gb+ = setengah
hahhaa..poor MOE, dont accept strangers on your really annoying..kick their butt out from your FB now,,huahuahuau


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