Monday, June 28, 2010

The Handwriting

In my secondary school life, my name was  infamous among teachers because of my bad handwriting. It cause me a mental discomfort when I needed to submit my work to the teachers because I knew my name will be announced and be tortured in front of my classmates later on. I think maybe they tried to release their tension after devouring everything I wrote. Its quite embarrassing because I suddenly become a laughing-stock among my friends. I just smile and sat back but my heart felt really t-offed.

Can you imagine on how bad my handwriting is? let me give you some tips so you can imagine it well. during my secondary school, physic was the subject that I like the most. for physic notes, I will try my best to make it look proper. If compared to other subject notes, physic was the best among others, but my physic teacher was still complaining on me, " jenal (bkn name sebenar) awak kena cuba baiki tulisan sebab nanti examiners susah nk baca susah nnt" said Mr Benedict. But hell yeah! I knew Mr Benedict was not  facing any difficulties to read mine, because his handwriting is a little bit crappy. This is a fact, normally  for those who have a crappy and dreadful handwriting, you  were born as a talented encrypter and decrypter. If you have a bad handwriting, dont tell me if you cant read mine. Its because since we were a child we trained our eyes and brain to read our own handwriting that is more look like an abstract. So its not difficult for us to read others dreadful handwriting because its our natural habits. We were trained to be an encrypter, and only good decrypter can decrypting it. its Us!! (who has a crappy handwriting).
so thanks to God, we are born as a natural encrypter and decrypter. lolx.

I had a girlfriend in school, during that time, the biodata was a mandatory thing that need to be exchange in order to get to know each other better. Because of my dreadful handwriting, I never sent out any single raya card or a biodata to my friends because I knew it may make me look like a moron and silly. Until that day when my girlfriend asked me about the biodata, It stressed me out. oh shit, I dont know how to write it, a lot of things need to be shared, but how can I  write it with my dreadful handwriting? for me it will embarrass me if she know how is my handwriting look a like. I had no choice, she kept asking me then, so as a result I gave her an A4 size paper contained my name and IC number, oh yeah!! pretty stupid right. it took me around half an hour to fill it in a piece of A4 paper with just a piece of shit information because I cant stand to write it properly. a lot of A4 paper which failed to meet the requirement, has been flooded my dustbin. I cant even sleep well on that night. now you know what has cost me with this kind of handwriting! you know what? I fold it and quickly passed to her and walk away. please dont laugh - that is the real story on how I lost my biodata virginity.

tak gune tangan hensem tp tulisan buruk

Every time I wanted to draw out some money from my ASB bank, it seems like I drive my self in a very difficult time & place. why? It is because my signature is too unique and even I myself cant remember it well. I dont have an official signature because its hard for me to re-write it back in 95% likeness.  Thats is why I have a collection of freaking signatures. for each bank I registered, each of them have a different signature of mine as well. So when I try to draw out some money, the person in charge will force me to sign exactly like what I had sign during the registration. Oh shit. how can i? my signature is too unique. I will try as hard as I can until they satisfy. Same things happen when I bought my first car. I need to put my signature on every page of the agreement, the result is, for each page it contained different signatures of mine. I dont know what is the impact on the future so I just submit it to the dealer. My signatures collection are really trouble me a lot. I'm feeling piss off!

Now im just wondering,
Is handwriting so important, after all, most of us use a word processor as adults?

The answer is yes and no. You are right in saying that handwriting is only a tool, a means to an end without any intrinsic value – unless you want to become a calligrapher.  - © 2010 Psychologist in Sussex, England 

Oh thank God for his bless, I work in IT field. Each of my day is saved by the button keys on the keyboard..So nobody will notice how good suck my handwriting is? But of course sometimes it trouble me a lot 

so can you read mine?

Super crazy handwriting

super buruk hodoh nota ku

P/s : Tak de idea, amik dari blog lama...urrgghh...terngiang-ngiang 4-1..saje nk skipkan article yang memalukan dibawah...huahuahua

Whats the reason for me to include this quote at the end of my article?emm...nothing, I just like it. and this is my blog. i can put anything that i wanted to. huahuahua


She is f.A.z.A said...

im doin accounting so who cares my handwritings bad or not coz i prefer number than words =)

p/s: OMG!! i can't read ur certain hand writings...

Anonymous said...

when i was in primary school, my teacher praised me for havin a very neat and nice hndwriting..
but then m hndwritin did not chnge until m secondary school..
meanin now its terible la cmpared to the others.. haha

plus, i love physics too! n m physics note was the best of all :D

RyuJi said...

hahaha...kadang2 sedih lak tengok tulisan sendiri..haha

suFiah Y said...

haha...klakO la bab biOdata tu.
dlu sye pon de proB pasal sign ni.
bukak asb mse skool form5 kowt...tuptaptuptap...smpi labis U...then penh stop kuakn duit dlm mse yg agk lme...smpi trlupe sign sndri.hahah.

ema_hzardy said...

haha. lawak. nasib kita agak sma. tulisan xcantik. :D

RyuJi said...

lolx tahniah...hahahah

Anonymous said...

Amiable brief and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you for your information.


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