Thursday, June 17, 2010

Unity is the strength

How to destroy one Islamic country?

- If you want to destroy one Islamic country you dont need a thousand of Mongol C4 ,atomic boom or even a nuclear. it will dwindle a lot of your money and time.

Just hire a good provokers, send them to the Muslim city, provoke the leaders and brings an internal conflict among them, then they will arguing each other, their follower will turn mad and spill their on brothers blood. thats what had happened to hammas and fatah in Palestine, syiah and sunni in iraq- i think so 
- opss how can i forget to mention about umno and pas in Malaysia..lolx..

ok, flash back time...

If i heard someone talking about Palestine in my head got 2 names to be mentioned.

1- Khalifa Omar bin Al-Khatab - he was the second khalifa, in battle of fahl,the muslims army under his surveillance were managed to conquered Palestine from Rome.

2- salahudin al ayubbi (Saladin)- he reclaimed and liberated back the palestine from the kingdom of Jerusalem in year 1187. he was a hero of the ummah on that century.

But in year 1917 the prime minister of Britain entered Jerusalem and announced that the crusades war has ended. John Belford promised Jerusalem land to the Jews and 31 years later the Jews establish the Israeli state.

Until now the Palestinians Muslim still fight back to get back the holy city.everyday the Palestinian blood spilled, the holy land is like a hell to them but they still fight back in order to reclaim the city. but the result is still the same, they are fail until today. the tears shed every night in Jerusalem.

So who will become the next hero? there is no answer until now. do we need to wait a leader that can re-unite all muslim like what salahudin al ayubi did? we know that unity is the real strength but, are we?

Listen to soldier of Allah - 1924 song , remember, history is not something to be proud of, but we take a lesson so it wont be repeated. so listen carefully on this song.


Anonymous said...

oi...ko ingat dengar lagu macam ni tak dose ke?lagu islam narshid je rappers, hiphop buat lagu pasal islam mane boleh...

RyuJi said...

bro anon, ko ingat islam ajar nyanyi lagu narshid ke?genre lagu tu is a part of culture. bkn sebab agama. malays nyanyi narshid sbb ada pertembungan budaya arab.

nigga kat sana ada culture dorang sendiri..Think bro!!..use ur brain a bit..

klo macam ko pk tu..maknenye kite tak boleh cakap malay la..sbb islam al-quran pakai arab..THINK!

Anonymous said...

bodoh gila enkau tu bahasa, music tu music..kenapa pula tak boleh cakap melayu.

culture orang kulit itam tak betul tu..kita kenalah betul kan.kita kenalah betulakn.dengan sound music macam kat church..buat lagu keagamaan..bodoh lah engkau ni ajak orang dengar lagu ni..macam nk murtad kan orang je..

lagu ni tak kena langsung dengan islam..

RyuJi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
RyuJi said...

hallo tutt anon, whats wrong with their culture?

ape beze die bahasa dgn music? tell me?..its belongs to the culture.. so who the hell are you to questioning this..

listen to this song will lead people to murtad?wth?

your comment are really welcome but not for stupid comment..

hellioz said...

anon xde kunik!

xpaham isik ke ape neyh anon?
bodo macam tiang

gwa phm msg lu nk smpaikan brah~

lufkin said...

lol anon.. either you just trolling around or you are just stupid..

dia ingat orang arab tu bagus sangat, hahaha!! even kat amerikka pun ada hip-hop pasal Islam, nak berdakwah banyak caranya bukan stuck kat nasyid je..

RyuJi said...

standard la anon..lepas dah kene die cabut stok dok blik tengok blue pastu nk cite pasal agame..WTH


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