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Education System III - Why English?

First of all, thanks Mr anonymous for a long comment, I’m really glad to receive a comment even my article is being opposed. The clash of ideas will change the world, I always believe in that for sure. yes when we talk about learning, it’s actually will indirectly tell us about our journey of life. but in the context of education, we stress more on how to shape up people`s mentality, how to train people`s brain to be more creative etc ,instead of just to remember everything in the books.

I didn’t mean to underestimate the articles wrote by them, It’s fine for me. But it’s in our culture. This is one of the traditions that need to be crack out from our culture. You can see that most people will easy influenced by the person who carry a Prof Title rather than listen to someone idiot like me. By carrying the Prof Title it means that you carry a bag of cash. Whatever you write or publish will be acknowledged by people out there as long as you wrote something i.e inside of your educational background.

if you are aware, you will notice that certificate is something important nowadays, for example, me as an IT people need to be certified first in Oracle and Server before I can give some touch on production servers. It means that certificate is something that can change people's impression and gain their trust.

Regarding on political freaks blogs that i had claimed on my early post, it is my personal perception actually. if we find a blog contains 98% of politic articles but the writer is a student in IT for example, it really shows that his interest is more on politics. The question is why did he take IT courses? Why is his blog containing 98% of politic stuff? How about IT stuff, does he forget to include it in his blog? i believe the chances to attract other people to read is higher if he writes something about IT because of what he is...

How about math & science in English? It’s simple. At present, English language is a pillar of knowledge. Why should you recall everything that already past? past is past, nothing to be proud of but we can take a lesson from the past, I believes that mistakes are the great teacher, that is the real purpose of studying history, so the mistake won’t be repeated. How did English language can become a pillar of knowledge today? Previously Arabic was widely used because most of latest technologies were recorded using Arabic, English people MASTER the ARABIC FIRST before they translate it and claimed that everything is come from them. Seeking knowledge is an obligation upon every Muslim, even in hadith of the prophet said "Seek knowledge even as far as CHINA". The Question is Why did our prophet mention China? Most of us misunderstood about this hadith and claimed that Chinese is good in everything but think,why did our prophet not referring to the Jews instead?
See below..

Previous civilization….. -->India --> China ---> Arab ---> English (present)

Before Arabic, China people is the real damn SIFU, they invented many new things, that’s why our prophet mentioning China as a source of knowledge. (wallahualam)

To be the best is to learn from the best! Sound simple isn’t it? Before we want to learn something from the best, first we learn about their culture, we learn how they think, and we MASTER their language!! That were the mandatory steps that they used to overtake the Arab. So why don’t we start from now, learn English until we get master because recent/updated technologies information are recorded in English.Anyhow, If we able to master more than 1 language it means that we can grab a lot of opportunity to digging knowledge. As what you can see most of successful people are able to speak more than one language (master multi-language).

I’m not blame anyone who choose Arabic, Japanese, mandarin etc as a second language because its not a wild-goose chase things but We must LEARN English in the other hand because its a mandatory by now. Seriously, by learning other languages it doesn’t mean that we wink at our Bahasa Ibunda ....please stop the immature, childish, primitive thinking because it will get the situation even worst.

tell me, by learning English does it mean we adore that language?you are barking too much Mehdi, you are the one who devour everything even it is a piece of SHIT.are you blind and deaf? did you notice nowadays Indian and Chinese use English to communicate daily. like what Saleem learn English we need to have the environment.

yes our education is a failure mostly in english subject. like what i said, if we want to master english language, the FIRST thing that we must do is to study their culture. why should we? If you notice, we fail to have the enviroment for learning english. since we in standard 1, we just learn english according to our english text books, we lack of practice and implementation. 

To tell you the truth, im an english dropped out. i got 7 for english, but after i manage to continue my studies at the university, i can understand english well. why did it happen to me? most of the subjects were taught in english, we use english to communicate with the lecturers, we presented our projects in english and it made me feel the enviroment, i felt like belonging to one culture that is suitable for me to learn english. Thats why the government tries to implement english in secondary school, so we can slowly adapt the culture and enviroment to the students. this is one of another good effort by the government to improve our well known primitive system.

but why dont we just start it from primary school level? if we notice, kids are not ready yet, physically and mentality. if we implement this, i think most of them will cry and hate schools much. it is because of they cant adapt themselves in the new enviroment, they cant even absorb the home they speak malay to comunicate. they are not ready yet. it will definately kill their spirit and intention to study. it will get the thing worst! - (its just my oppinion)

so how to counter this.

parents need to slowly adapt the enviroment to their child starting at home. nowadays we can see that chinese and indian are slowly adapting english in their life. thats is why they have no problem when it comes to english because they are already have the basic. all parents need to give a good cooperation to the goverment in order to create the "english learning enviroment". right now we are lack of certified teachers to teach math and science in english. if we do some english test to the UPSI's students for example, maybe just around 1/4 of them will meet the standard. so dont just blame the goverment, we should cooperate to develop the "ENVIRONMENT" first.


If we do not take the first step from now. A lots of booby prizes are waiting for us!!


Ah Moy said...

yes....mathematics...hurmm...i already have my own engineering mathematics...

Hellioz said...

kalau x english sume2 neyh
gwa syak kebanyakan student akan bodoh untuk berbahasa inggeris

cume masalahnye, budak2 kt kg ceruk xpaham

kene ade penyelesaian yg style n smart

Anonymous said...

salam n hi....
i found your blog few weeks ago and found it very interesting ....
to me...everything depending on ourselves..... you want to take it as a challenge or you can just ignore it..... kalau hendak seribu daya, kalau tak mahu seribu alasan.... and people tend to blame others rather than blaming themselves.....
btw.... try to read this book "I, Too, Am Malay" by Zaid Ibrahim... i'm not trying to promote this book or anything related to politics..... its just to share some good books.... "ambil yang keruh buang yang jernih"...teruskan perjuangan anda...

RyuJi said...

anon - i read that book.there are something that i disagree with. dont get confused. 2 things need to be considered. "the platform" and effort.

government create a good platform & depend to our effort to fully utilize it..its not because of the platform that make we fail. it because of us who make the platform fail.a good system is not created by the good government. its us, we are the one who need to identify the weaknesses of the system and the govermnt job is to improve it. and of coz it will cost us a period of time and a risk for an evolution.

but we malays are afraid to take the risk, the platform is ready for us but we are scared to stand still on the platform because of something "unidentified"

we just like to play a wild-goose chase.thats what the real malays is.

maybe malays ni..senang rasa selesa dengan apa yg mereka ada..

anyway thanks for ya comment.

F. said...

informative entry.. i like for sure!!
what i want to share is..
English need to practise not only writing but also communication..
BUT certain people x open their mind "mcm bagus sgt nak speaking2".. i have faced this kind of situation and yes, they could not stop me to learn ENGLISH !!

nur said...

haha.. ske ati anda saja nak interprete hadis nabi.

jangan gne logik akal kot.

hadis menuntut ilmu ke negeri cina, adalah hadis doif jiddan. walaupun bukan batal. tapi ia dikategorikan lemah sekali.

bahkan ada ahli hadis yang mengatakan hadis itu bathal.

faham batal?

tidak boleh di rekod sebagai sabda nabi... ;D
kita mementingkan English.

sedang Pendidikan Islam lebih teruk di jarah di malaysia.
antara kita sedar atau tidak.


RyuJi said...

salam nur,
ya hadis ini adalah dhoif yang mungkin kurang sikit tahap kebenarannya dari hadis sahih atau hasan.mungkin kurang dari sanad perawi tapi ia tetap dari nabi.

dari segi hukum beramal dengan hadis dhoif ramai yang kata ia adalah bidaah tetapi dari mazhab shafie yang digunapakai kita, ia boleh dipakai untuk amalan2x yang memberi kebaikan tetapi bukan untuk penegak hukum.

menuntut ilmu itu adalah wajib untuk umat islam.ini adalah salah satu hadis yang menceritakan betapa pentingnya ilmu.

jelas sekali sebelum english arab adalah bahasa yang hebat. kaya dengan ilmu dan lain2x. tetapi barat meneroka arab. mempelajari mereka sebelum menjadi bahasa ilmu seperti sekarang.

bukan tu aja. bahasa yang diguna pakai oleh majority manusia di dunia. dari segi dakwah adalah wajib bagi kita menyampaikan islam di seluruh dunia. jadi english adalah perlu ada untuk kita dari segi dakwah yang sudah jelas wajib hukumnya. dalam menyampaikan kalimah laa ila ha illallah dari segi tauhid dan dakwah.

Anonymous said...

After read this post and comments, I do really like to share this quotes...

"Our lives are not determined by what happens to us, but how we react to what happens. Not by what life brings to us, but by the attitude we bring to life. A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thought, events, and outcomes. It is a catalyst ... A spark that creates extraordinary results."


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