Monday, June 21, 2010

Education System II - Breaking the Tradition

refer to my previous article : Education System I - Teaching methodology

Since im not the minister of education, I`d like to share my thought among readers, at least we can get a picture on how our education system works.

Did you ever think about the reason why im still trying to write in english even my english is poor? i think you can guess...

Did you aware since we were a child, We have been patented by our education system & the environment especially most of malays like me. Did you notice, everytime when your teachers asked, what person are you gonna be in the future? I believe most of us will proudly announced to be a police, doctor, teacher, soldier, etc.Thats how our mentality/thought been set up/shaped up by the pathetic education system, we have been taught to be a servant for people, tell me how many will answer that he wants to be a business man or a millionaire who have many workers on their company just to increase the assets? Name me your teachers who always encouraged you to be a business man? for me, my answer = none of them!

After we finished our primary school life with a flying color + superduper + powerrangers UPSR result in hand (exclude me please, Im a UPSR dropped out), the same thing goes like what the primary school enviroment was, the only difference is, the number of text book that need to be carried to school every day were increased, we carried those books each day just to make sure that we pass the PMR and SPM exams. We were trained to remember everything inside but not to implement the knowledge inside the books. Teachers were struggling to complete the syllibus before the examination took place. they did some research using their past year exam collection to find out on how can their students scored, so they will receive a good KPI in return and the school's name will be famous. Did you know, when i was in secondary school, I always wonder why do i need to study math, history, etc because i thought those will become useless when I work someday. it means that teachers failed to relate the connection between all subjects with the real life. That’s why most of students lost his/her focus in class because they think that those subjects are not in the same case on what they gonna be in future.
carry big & heavy bag just to be a slave to someone.

The situation changed when nuar braim was caught. Special thanks to him, at least he helped to break the primitive thinker boundaries.lolx. If you notice, during that time most of the teachers suddenly become a political freak wannabe, they forgot about the syllibus that need to be catch up, and indirectly they inspired their students to become a politicians one day . As a result we can see a lot of blogs created by the IPTA and IPTS students,
Please go through these blog below, i believe its owned by students who can be describe as a political freak wannabe.

I like to read politic articles, Im strongly agree that we still have a responsibility to VOTE  in order to choose the right leader, by mentioning these blogs, it doesn’t mean that i hate politics, politics is a good stuff to learn!!but who cares even selecting a right leader is a must? Did you ever notice, they are talented, unfortunately they are not lucky enough to receive an offer from IPTA to further their studies in political studies field. Why are they not taking the course? it’s simple, its NOT US to decide, Its THEM. as a result the articles written by them can be considered as a trash/rubbish stuffs. It doesnt mean that i try to underestimate them, but think wise fellas, if you hold a degree scroll in mechanical engineering but you publish something about politics in blogs, how many people will acknowledge yours? does it making any sense?

Same thing goes when you are in IPTA or IPTS, even if you are a business student, your lecturers will ask you which company that you’re willing to work for after graduate, rather than what type of BUSSINESS that you want to do after finish your studies? How many lecturers will encourage you to become a great business man, most of them will prefer you to work as a servant to the rich eventho they teach business subjects. Am I wrong about this? Since we made our first step into school, our brain has been abused by the system until now. We learned how to remember but not on how to implement the knowledge.
as a conclusion we waste our money and time for taking the course because the system produces us to become slaves. So can we just point our finger to the minister of education or the government?
NO, Not yet bro and sista..! When the government tries to make some changes on the system, we get mad,

the best example : math & science in English - we turn mad because we scared that our siblings, nephews or our daughters will fail to catch up the syllibus PLUS it will destroy the "kedaulatan bahasa ibunda"...OMG what a primitive thought! dont they know that mistakes are the best teacher + theres no easiest way, no shortest path to be successful...

Because of our primitive thought we produce a person like me - primitive man with poor English but still trying hard to write something!

So TELL ME, whos the hidden hand behind all of this???


P/S : Thanks to those who dropped your comments on my previous articles, i need shoes to keep on doing so, it is actually gives me some inspiration and of course  i need some support because now i had realize that being a writer is not as easy as i thought.


lufkin said...

lol at the political freaks student wannabe, i met a lot of them at my college..

btw i think the same things too, i dont understand why the hell i need to learn math until i refuse to take it seriously (sebab tu math aku tak kredit, lol)

husnazainal said...

kita kena same2 berubah..
ingat mengingat..

Amanda Eltiqaz said...

as far as i can see..whatever decision politician made so far is not for the 'greater good' of people but for the 'greater good' of their own pockets.. =( (maybe a little good for the people..)

Anonymous said...

from 530 archive -


First of all learning is not solely depend on what education system taught us, it is how your senses and brain absorb all the little tiny and super gigantic event that happens all around you all along your entire life. How you interpret things, how you see things, what is your guideline and your believes, experiences many things and many more. Learning is living your life actually. People tend to interpret thing according to their own knowledge and believes, but how true can that interpretation be. It is up to the others to think and accept it.

Some people believes that someone should not discuss or talk about something that is beyond his educational background, but some view it as another opinion from someone who is expressing their concern and worry about something that effect their live.

If you can only talk and expressing ideas on what did you learn and know, then how do think the learning process will take place....the learning will be like merry go round circle, everybody will be repeating the same knowledge over and over again.

And one more thing is about English, what is the hype is going on with English? Where is math and science knowledge originated actually? which language medium it is used to teach before it gets to everyone in the world? Why don't we used that original is more pure and holy isn't it? Please stood to the ground when you say something, it is the natural GOD creation of the diversity of the universe, diversity of living things eg;human and animal as we all know, human race, skin color, different language, different culture and many more.

If you think that people should not expressing something beyond his educational background then think about this, How can a Malay teacher teaching a Malay student something in Malaysia using language medium that is both of them didn't master? How perfect could the result be? Why don't Malaysian government imposed learning Math and Science in Arabic, it is the mother of knowledge language right? How do think about that? What is your argument and defensive statement over that idea? Then find the similarity between your argument with those who opposed the teaching of Math and Science in English..


Your truly...
Your Muslim Brother

Mehdi SP said...

It's good to know that you're just barking at the wrong tree. And you're one who JUST SIMPLY NOD to whatever our ex-PM TDM says.

The issue of improving english does not lie in teachings Maths and Science in English. Why then the Chinese and Tamil schools are allowed to teach in their mother tounge? Is it because they are already good in speking english?

As for me, I started at Sek Kebangsaan. Learn English only in my matriculation and then went to study overseas - english speaking country in southern hemisphere, but I don't adore english language to the extent that we should be teaching our sons/daughters eveything in english. FYI, I got A1 in both my Maths and Add Maths but only C4 for Sciences subjects. All because I learned the subjects in my mother tounge even though the teachers are Chinese. Had I learnt the subjects in English, I would have flopped even earlier because I will never knew what I'm learning, considering that my parents are paddy planters who can't help me with my homeworks. I LEARNED ENGLISH ONLY DURING ENGLISH PERIOD and ALHAMDULILLAH, I MASTER IT AND SO DOES MY OTHER COLLEAGUES. It all goes back to the quality of teachers and the syllabus - not the language that a rubber tapper's children in kampung hardly understand.

Be real man.... We're Malay. Start as Malay and grow up to master everything else then. I agree with what anonymous wrote above.

saleem said...

yo mehdi, language is not something to be proud of. by learning english its not just to get an excellent result. be realistic dude. this is the language that widely use to communicate.

dont be stupid or something. you master english because of the environment. you need to practice, if you can read english, it doesn't mean that you can speak in need to practice!!

lufkin said...


"How can a Malay teacher teaching a Malay student something in Malaysia using language medium that is both of them didn't master? How perfect could the result be?"

-Didn't master english? Then try to master la.. Next time don't bother ask meley teacher to teach S&M in 'Bahasa Penjajah', pity the students.

-How perfect could the result be? exam will be demolished, dont even bother..

RyuJi said...

mehdi - As for me, I started at Sek Kebangsaan. Learn English only in my matriculation and then went to study overseas - english speaking country in southern hemisphere, but I don't adore english language to the extent that we should be teaching our sons/daughters eveything in english

by learning english does it mean we adore that language?lolx...funny..
most of successful people master more than 1 language. lolx..

dEe said...

arielasso tu classmate aku....

RyuJi said...

wahahhaq dee..aku main mmg suke jalan2 blog diambil secare random..huahuahuahu..sori la tak tau lak member ko..

dEe said...

haha die tu mmg smgt PKR..


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