Tuesday, June 22, 2010

TKO (tranungkite) = shit?

My friend text me last night..

Moy : bro check it out, got something for you. [link].. it will really pissed you off
Me   : WTH, its time for sleep liao..I need to work tomorrow kanasai!.
Moy : No You must see it first. lolx..this is the real LULX of the day.

guess what had I found?

LULX! My picisan blog link has been published there. wait!!I,m not happy just because of that!!To tell you the truth, for me this is the forum that I hate the most. It contained a lot of non-quality articles that can really messing up your brain. Not just that, most of the forumers there are totally shit, too fanatic and bias to a certain type of political view. They fight for the checks and balances government but its look like that their side are too angels. A bunch of fitnah forumers there are writing based on the mere hearsay and of course they pressing the keys on the keyboard with their lunatic emotions. I dont mind even my article being opposed but at least deny it with a fact. Pity them, they are too childish and immature.  Im laughing like crazy when reading those replies.

1 blood shit

2nd blood shit
3rd blood shit!!

I think maybe their brain are failed to function well due to overdose swallowing "pil kuat" like hell. hhahahha..

Now I know how can Obefiend easily pranked RPK. Its not a suprise, even their god (RPK) can easily  got pranked, same goes to his fanatic pencacai...


the reliable sources???the reliable shit??hahahah
Thats what we call an extravaganza LULX...


dEe said...

glamer nmpknyer blog ko.. duit nuffnang byk, sila open table. hehe. okla, beli sony bravia+ps3 dlu then baru open table. ok?

RyuJi said...

muahahahha...kaye mende..aku dapat .50 sen je hari tuh..wakakkakaka...tensen..


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