Monday, June 14, 2010

A war against Israel

Yet again Israel shows no respect for international laws, they are attacking Gaza aid convoy, but no action was taken by the world police wannabe -USA, Obama the president has no chance to speak off even its clearly against the law. the president's mouth has been shut by the israeli.
so STFU to the world police just a puppet of israel.

once again when this kind of issue spread like a worm virus through the internet, radio and television, the politician will riding the hot news for examples

we can see people turn crazy and mad, they burn the flag of israel, they distribute the flyers to send out the boycott messages. they stage a huge protest outside the US embassy.
FB users will create many groups such as "boycott israel", "jahanam israel" etc, and recently they make a campaign to change picture of FB profile to black to show the protest.
they will do everything even though they know it will solve nothing. the israeli will keep on killing the innocent Palestinians. the blood of the Palestinians continue sheding to seek justice.

we will repeating same things over again even we notice that the result is still the same. what is the real purpose to change the profile picture to black? we burn the flag of israel, they burn the Palestinians, we boycott their product, they stop the Aid. we win nothing!

think fellas, what we have that they dont have.
we have saudi arabia mesir pakistan turki , oil, bla bla bla? - are you kidding me?

think fellas, what did bung nuar say when he try to announce his 16 sept government?


yeahh that's right " WE HAVE THE NUMBER" but we are brainless. so lets start from now, think!! what should we do before declare a war against Israel? "WE HAVE THE NUMBER but we fail to unite, even because of politics matters we fight against each other and breaking the bonds. we fail to re-unite so dont tell me about the war, we have nothing

re-unite first then we will consider about the fight

unite and fight to make them understand!

p/s : can someone explain to me what is the real purpose of changing your FB profile picture to black? whats the impact to Israel?i cant get a picture...:(


lufkin said...

lol whoever became the Primesident of U.S, nothing will change..

aku still rasa boikot akan kasi effect kat diorang walaupun sikit but, kene kental la.. ini tak macam demam je, mula2 beriya2 last2 pas 2 minggu sambung balik makan kat mcd.. demmit.. biasala melei..

RyuJi said...

hahhaha..camna nk boikot klo tak unite..damn!!..sbb politik pon boleh gado kaw2..

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