Monday, January 12, 2009

New Racket

I just bought a brand new Armortec 750 limited edition from my friend. I don’t think that it’s an original stuff because it cost me just only RM 150 (racket + bag). It makes me curios, how it can be that cheap? This type of racket has it value on the market because it’s use by Lin Dan (Armortec 700) and Chong Wei (Armortec 9000p).

As an IT person, Google is my favorite tool to find out something that confusing me. I frequently used it when ever I couldn’t found a solution for troubleshooting during my working days, and it’s never disappointed me. I made an investigation about the real price for this type of racket in the markets exactly through Google and I was shock when I saw the price on Yonex official website, RM 780 ++ is the real cost for the original brand new limited edition Armortec 700/750. It’s TOO DaMN ExPenSIVE and I don’t think I will spend that much for that because I just a newbie’s and of course I don’t have any sponsor that willing to give me that racket because I’m not a pros! So then, I continue my finding on fact about Yonex stuff through several of badminton maniac forums. There is a statement from forumer named "yonex-arm" made me petrify and speechless. He had mention that there is no clone for Yonex rackets.
Immediately I grasp my cell phone to book that racket from my friend.

I took the racket from my friend hand on January, 6th. Now, I have my own sword but it’s still useless because it still not have a string yet. So I went to a sports shop at Sungai Buloh with my pro badminton player friend, Ude on January, 10th. I choose to thin string my racket with 25 of tension with it. Ude lend me some hand on installing a new suitable grip on it, so now it’s perfect! It’s Awesome!!

Now the sword is on my hand and I still waiting for chances to play with it. So I just sit and waiting to slain somebody volunteers with it (lolx..maybe I’m the one who will got to be slain). I don’t care anymore either it’s a clone racket or not, because for me I just need some free time to fill it up with sport activity for my health. I need to have some fun with my friend in beneficial way.

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