Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Black Magic

Last night the sound of Asian completely vanished. Damn my last hope Japan has been knocked out from the WC campaign. I think my WC is already over  for me,  and this is the right time for me to have a nice sleep and wait until the final match.

Huh,,I hate this world cup..after the night when Germany was knocking out England. 4-1 ?damn... still unbelievable result for me. I just wondering whats the thing or strategy that they used to defeat England. Now I found the answer..the secret revealed. They used a black magic....

That is why I hate Germany.

please Dont try this at home.

arrghh malas nye nak tulis panjang2x..damn England kalah! cepat skit start EPL..damn.


Amanda Eltiqaz said...

England kalah? ohh.. (smbil usap bola kristal..) <--a witch paid by germany ;)

hellioz said...



Cik Bucken said...

aiseyy..seyes ke ni?dah tu mlm td pon gune jgk ke?


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