Monday, June 14, 2010

Beggars and donators - what’s between these bonds?

It has been 7 years , I’ve spend my life in the bustle of metropolitan city , KL. I think it is enough to tell me about life. Yes, life is something easy for us to describe about, but actually we need to think more on how we survive until the end of our life. For me, there’s a reasons why The Al-Mighty created us and assign us with different types of problem each days. He’s testing us...and it’s up to us to think about on how to survive rather than surrender. If we manage to make it, than we know how great the life is, else if we fail, that’s not mean that we’re a loser for the rest of our life. Despite having failure to complete the task assigned by Allah, He’s still provide us with some lesson from the mistake that we made and later on it’s up to us to use it to survive because mistake is a beginning of “discovery”. Just think for a moment why He’s still give chances and in extra He provides us with lesson from the previous mistake? The answer is “Allah wants us to survive” that’s why He loves His humble servants who have patience. With His bless for sure we “human” can survive for any task assigned. For me there’s no doubt about it.
It’s true that Islam welcomes us to donate some of our money to help the poor, and YES we will get blessing from our God in return if we are sincere but not to show off. There is no “Akad” practiced but it’s between us and our God, He knows everything’s- we can’t hide from Him. Of course by helping people we can reduce the burden, I would agree with that for sure.
A debate between the UPSIs(I guess) …
Actually I’m a type of a person who like to throw my opinion on public, but I prefer to choose a virtue debate rather than having face to face because I’m an out spoken man and it surely can lead to a fight. The debate happened last weekend when I commented on my friend`s FB status.

“ Apakah pendapat anda dengan scenario peminta sedekah seperti orang buta datang menyapa anda di meja makan? Wajarkah kita memaki hamun mereka sambil meminta surat pengesahan?pada aku nak derma, derma, tak nak sudah. Dorang bukan paksa kita hulur pon”.

In term of scolding the beggars, I won’t agree and that is not the right manner as a malays indeed ,but I will stress that I agree if we should asking them to show some proof first(OKU card members or etc) before making any donation to them. Sound cruel right? But with the current society that we have, I think it’s precisely correct. In KL, each day the numbers of beggars are increasing dramatically along with the development of the city. Why is it this phenomenon suddenly happens on this kind of era? Do we ever think why people who are physically perfect and able to do some job prefer begging to survive? Is there less of working opportunity out there? But why the Indo`s, bangla`s and etc managed to get a job even though they are not a local? It’s easy, like my teacher said

“ kerje banyak tapi memilih sangat, terlampau menjage standart terutame meleis, last tak de choice amik jalan mudah..sebab tu meleis ramai jadi peminta sedekah, opportunity tu ada tapi..tak ikhtiar"

Malays culture`s.
I`m proud to be a Malay. Don’t tell me if you are not proud belongs to certain race. As we know Malays has good culture and generous is a part of the culture. That’s is why those UPSIs kept on saying
“nak derma derma je la..buat apa nk mintak macam, islam mengalakan kita menderma..bla bla bla”
“nak derma derma lah dapat pahala..tak derma tak dosa pon..”
I think we need to make a correction here..
“Islam mengalakan kita menderma/sedekah” <<<ayat tak complete je..
It’s better be..
”Islam mengalakan kita menderma/sedekah di jalan yang betul
It’s our right to ask dude. I think if they are a registered OKU, they don’t mind to show us the card as a proof. For each donation that we make we have our right to know rather than..
“derme je la..yg penting ikhlas…”
They don’t even want to know where the money goes to, for them the only thing matters is sincerity and getting "pahala" in return. Here is my answer
“tak bermaksud kite bertanye dan nak melihat proof tu kita tak ikhlas..ikhlas tu antara kita dengan Allah”
And I think I can say this..
“sebab golongan macam ni la..meningkatnye peminta sedekah and sindiket2 dan sebab peminta sedekah dan sindiket2 ni la rosak OKU, dan mereke2 yg tak mampu sebelanga”
Nowadays most of people will do everything that can give benefits to them. For the disable people (OKUs), I agree that they have right to beg for help but I am really sure that deep inside their heart they don’t want to be like that, they have their own pride. That’s why most of them are talented/gifted to play music instruments, drawings, singing, skillful in programming or hacking and etc. unfortunately there are some bad asses that use them to gain profit. This kind of syndicate has been announced by the media before but no action was taken by the government. The OKU organization has been registered due to reduce/ prevent these syndicate activities, but the Malays/societies are seldom to donate their money to the registered/authorized organization. I believe that’s why the number of beggars keeps increasing each day.
“Derma macam tu mengalakan kan orang menjadi malas..better derme dekat badan kebajikan or institusi yg berdaftar”
tabung ni di ambil di luar bangunan pejabat agama AU2 dua hari lepas, aku tanya dah berapa lama tabung ni : answer = 2 month ( never been opened.) byk ni je??baik upah beggars kutip lagi dpt banyak.
Let we do some calculation:
Let say salary for a fresh graduate: 2000/month
2000/ 26days per month (number of working days) = RM 76.92 per day. 8 hours working time
The beggars income calculation (by NOSTRADAMUS : P)
In every Friday, I can see parents with their 4 kids who decided to choose to be a beggar as their permanent job even though there are physically perfect, by encouraging his kids I think maybe they like to inherit this job to their 4 kids. Each of them will carry an empty cup and will take their place around the mosque.
I can assume that the total of collection per Friday is at least around RM 20 to 25 just to sit down from 12 to 2pm with a cup in hand.
parents + 4 kids = 6
6 x 20 = RM120 / 6 x 25 = RM 150 just for 2 hours?? Amazing right? I was really surprised when I hung out with my friends watching a clash between Manchester and Chelsea at mapley at Wangsa Maju (NZ), I found these kids begging from table to table asking for money. On Fridays they will beg at TTDI but how come I saw them at wangsa maju in weekend? I started to think what kind of transport that they are using? supra? evo 10? Bmw? In that case it seems that they are not begging just on Fridays. I started to think how rich their father is…
Believe me that is not the first “kantoi” case had happened to me, there are a lot, mostly around KL!!(manusia byk ragam..macam2 style tipu).
Yes..I can say that its Ok to make a donation to someone who needed help but believe me if we are too generous to someone, it may lead to something that can really collapse the attitude of the societies.
“most of malays memang baik hati, membantu orang susah tu mmg bgus..tapi kalo dah hari-hari muke yang sama je mintak sedekah…and ramai yang tak putus2 membantu..bile mase dorang nk ada peluang untuk bantu diri sendiri dan seterusnye membantu orang lain pula?” “kita secara tak langsung membantu meningkatkan peningkatan orang yang malas dan mengambil kesempatan terhadap orang lain..kita juga secara tak langsung mengalakan mereka memilih jalan mudah dengan merayu tanpa berusaha berikhtiar dengan mengunakan otak yang tuhan kurniakan”
So fellas, one day, if you are asking your son about his ambition, please don’t get shocked/stunned if the answer is “ I want to be a king of beggars dad”…sound impossible rite, but the possibility is there. With degree in hand you can only get at least around RM 76 per day with 8 hours working time. By being a beggar you can even get more than that seriously!!
So welcome to the world of beggars.


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