Tuesday, June 15, 2010

World Cup 2010 Fever.

It is once again that time of the year when the world become unified and bedazzled by the magnetism and magnificence of the single virus i.e football. Held once for every 4 years, no man can stand to fight this virus even I myself also has been infected and causing me a football fever. This virus kills everything in you and will left you in a limbo to choose either to sleep or to stay awake to watch live football matches. Believe me, its really annoying to the majority of housewife across the globe, but who cares? they need to understand us even it really kills their heart.
but this year,personally I'm different, just a married guy with a sweet little wife who really hates football. So called mithali and nice and good husband are very synonym with me now. you know, even my current house is not equipped with Full HD TV and astro installed. I prefer to enjoy WC online from at home rather than going out alone to the nearest mamak`s. its actually killing me slowly,  every time it stuck or intermitant because of the slow streamyx connection, i feel pain in my nerves, turbulent flow inside my bloodstreams will cause my blood boiled and i really want to kick my streamyx modem. it really test my patience seriously. but because of my ALIM attitude, I slowly change my browser to check the, who knows maybe got an update on the score board? lolx .its totally different for me for this year. for previous WC, i watched it live in 32 inches Plasma TV + astro but now I watch it just trough the online TV + livescore + streamyx. It really suck my life out!WTH!

Why no astro?

actually i have a lot of reason on why I hate astro, but this is just one of them, last month I recieved a phone call from astro, they tried to persuade me with a nice package
the conversation going trough is something like this

me : hellow~

astro : congratulation jenal (bukan nama sebenar), we have pick your phone number as a lucky number of the month!!

me : oohh i really happy what will i get?

astro : your number has been selected to recieve an astro special pakages, just RM XX.90 per month with free astro kit.

me : o yeahh, what channel will i get?

astro : basic channels, but if you want to add more it will cost you an extra charges.

me : so if i wanted to add sport channels, its mean that i need to pay more? so what is speacial for this pakage that can make you called it speacial?

astro : this pakage is cheap enough, just RM XX.90.

me : i just google the standart price for astro, it exacly the same. thats what you call it special?

astro : no sir, you will get a free installation charge fees + free astro kit.

me : yeah currently astro have a promotion, i will get free astro kit without installation charges, so thats what you called special, i dont think my numbers is so special

astro : so seems you are not intrested on our product.

me : no im interested too but sorry you spoil my mood nw. please stop cheating people, its scam!

astro : ... ok thanks sir..

me : haha..sorry for you, you cant cheat me because mr google is right infront of me. lulx

astro : ... 

 so what say you? it a new style of marketing nowadays? Dont bamboozle your potential customer,  intended to make them to feel that they are so lucky but in reality they are not is seriously a bad act! think wise, if we are truly the chosen one. do we still need to pay the bill each month?lolx...its still not lucky enough for me.

why no TV 

After being trough with an extraordinary expenses during my wedding day. Theres a big hole in my pocket. But my lust to play PS3 with Full HD TV is making me mad, so I set my target to own Sony Bravia even though theres no money left in the bank. My credit card is seized by my wife to control the madness. What should I do now? Do I need to beg with a cup in hand every Friday at TTDI mosque?... hell no!!

 Yeahh I'll now agree, this world is just for everyone the rich :( Cisss! 
 Thats why my house still not yet outfitted with TV until now. because of my detest to Astro, I prefer to watch WC online. Hope one day UNIFI will come out with nice IPTV packages.

Oh shit, because of WC fever i think most of us already forget about the war in Palestine..guys, our brothers are still in war, they cry over their lost every night, but we are shouting and screaming like crazy for each time when the ball crossing the white linemaybe WC is one of the Israelis propaganda to silent the Muslims. Who knows...lolx 

  P/s : last night game Ivory Coast VS portugal = good boring game ; hope JS Park can STFU Argentinian. GOGO score sambil tido JS Park..


nanad said...

no PS3 please. but astro caaannn....i want to watch my CSI meh...plis3

iDy said...

oi astro byond cantik gle wei..rugi rugi..ahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

bro u r rite, my mom got cheated by astro people. but we got no choice..if you want live football u need to subscribe astro la bro..what is unifi? IPTV?
i never heard about that...

RyuJi said...

nanad : no astro dear. buy me ps3 for my bdday. huahuahau full HD sony bravia ok!

idy : anti astro. Hsbb dah pasang rack kat rumah aku..tak lame lagi ade unifi skali TM menang bid. sure mamak pakai

anon: unifi = tm new product, include
pakage 5mb,10mb 20 mb + IPTV + IPPHONE can refer to TM website mehh..ahhaha.

RyuJi said...

yehhaaa found nice app on the net,
last nite game it ran smooth, even a bit blur, torres new hair cut is still look gay for me..wakkakaka

wakakkak Switzerland vs spain = 1-0 padan muka spain!

Amanda Eltiqaz said...

annoying call from astro is one negative side. but to put aside all my favorite shows? hoho..i surely can't resist astro =P

chantek said...

hahahaha astro try to trick you .. lucky you ... you are not Noob like normally...

Anonymous said...

ala klu takat nk tengok green(keeper England yg sengal) bertangan planta beraksi x berbaloi ko nk pakai astro pun...nk tengok kt RTM(itupun klu ade) pun xberbaloi..hehehe

p/s: anyway England sux...noob

yg benar,

RyuJi said...

Amanda : get ready for the evolution. if TM manage to win the bid for ESPN. for sure mamaks will subscribe unifi. we will having a great time surfing and downloading HD vid with 10mb/20mb internet connection that time do we still need to subscribe astro for movies?hell no!! astro pasti jd sampah!hahahha

chantek : yeay sorry for still noob like before..wahahahahha

jerol : for ever england!...palingbodo kalah ngn switz...budus nye spain..malam ni jgn lupe tengok pakcik sung jual sayor kat gol argine..hahhaa..damn noob gune je budak it.haha


Im crazy busy with my ive never seen a TV quiet long...huhu..

RyuJi said...

assoy : wakakka..u r bz with ur blog or blogwalking?wakkaka...

evaa said...

hahahahhahaa jujo je

biaselah tu nak duet lebeh :)


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