Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Good Luck Malaysia!!

Last week I went to SBJ for final first leg between Malaysia and Indonesia. that was great to see Malaysia won it with a dramatic goals.

The second leg will be held at Bung Karno stadium Indonesia. let see what we can do there. I hope we will win there too and STFU the Indonesian. As what we know the most of bloody fanatic Indonesian are failed to use their brain well.

hey Indon.. Dont you think we are smart? yes we are!!
hey Indon...if you think our team are weak, we will prove you re wrong!!tonight!!at your home ground!!we will bite you off to the ground!!

Alfred Riedl : your team cant win tonite Gopal
Raja Gopal : (smile)

Raja Gopal : Team!! Whats your profession????
Malaysia Team : KILL!!! KILL!! KILL!!!
Raja Gopal : get ready your self cos tonite we will dine in Hell, we will eat the poor Garuda again!! 
Malaysia Team : Huaaahhhggg!!!

Alfred Riedl : Run indonn runnnn....please bring your passport olso...:D
Bomoh : OMG passport gue expired sudah...waduhhh!!!

Raja Gopal : GO TIGERS!! kill them all!! we come and WE CONQUER!!
Malaysia Team : AUUMMMMMMMMSSSS!!!!


dEe said...

over betol ko neh. :p

RyuJi said...

tu la over btul bdak neh...hahha


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