Thursday, December 9, 2010

The pieces is fading away blues

I woke up this morning with a heavy head, in half assleep I take a moment to muse (only suparman can did that). I jump off from my bed and washed my ugly sleepy face. The ugly me has been suck up by the flow of water trough the sink.brushed my teeth and im looking at the mirror and tell my self to smile even it just a fake.Its time to let my hard disk rest in peace need to cry over the spilled milk.its time to pick the pieces of memory back to be my precious collections again.

At my office i sat and open up my laptop. while it tried to load the OS, i get my iphone from my pocket and checked my facebook like usual. live feed is the features of facebook that i like the most. i go trough to find out what everybody is doing and of course sometimes got funny vids attached by them. it really kick out the blues out of me for sometimes.

But today i was tagged by my friend on the pictures of him. it really made my heart jump out and smack my mouth to put a pure smile on my face once again. i found again some of missing pieces. i giggled when i saw ugly immature face of me yet again. I really glad even its just a small part of the pieces that is missing.

Damn man, I cant stop laughing when I saw my own face there.
Study group 
gamba ketika zaman geng jiwang..haha


She is f.A.z.A said...

owh muke dulu mmg naif kan en ruji :P

RyuJi said...

hehe..rajin btul u brbloging ..tu la naif btul...tu yang tergelak tu..haha

Amanda Eltiqaz said...

tgk muka zaman sek mmg kelakar kan. dh la comot..tudung senget..muka poyo..hehehe.

takpa2..tu maksudnya setiap tahun kita bertambah baik. klau skrg pn org kata kita tak berubah mmg sedih la kan.hehe


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