Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sadness is all over me...

huh.. its already 2.00 am but i still try to do some writing.

i tried to wrote something on this wall before, but nothing was going trough my head. i like to sleep even i had enough sleep, im taking a nap frequently at my office even im not tired with my works. as the conclusion reach on my head - im lazy. something not right with me. im easily feeling tired.

im feeling hopeless, my world has become more chalenging as for now im missing my good old days as a kid, my happy hour time as a kampung boy. im missing my school life, im missing my campus life. each time im trying to close my eyes, i still can remmember well how my college room look a like. still remmember how everytime i got hungy in the midle of the night. i and ude will wait my roommate zaid to fall as sleep.when he slept, i will slowly stole meggie mee on his wordrobe and ate it with a nasty smile on my face. but when the morning comes, i woke up, i jump from my bed and open my drawer to get some cigarete and waiting for a good time to make a confession with zaid. " zaid aku dengan ude curi meggie ko semalam... ". i did that regularly and i knew zaid was angry with both of us, because he was a meggie kipas susah mati and me and ude like to stole his favaurites.lolx.but he cant do noting because im a dictator in my room. more than that my roomate is more like a brothers to me.

seriously i miss everything on my past. the thing that turn me mad is because my hard disk got crashed, lots of memorable things in that. ohh where can i get back the Top of the world song that has been sang by me?where can i get back those pic that has been missing?urrgghh the freaking crappy vids too..damn.

.i dont want to forget my past..i want to keep it in my head until i die...its so sweet for me. seriously..
hopefully my wife and friend still got the copies...isk2x

hai bengangnye hardisk Rosak...

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