Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Atlantis

After reading and watching something about The Atlantis, I started to wonder why after thousands of years, many of us still search for the answer of the mystical of mystery of misery lolx. Did it existed or didn`t? we keep searching for the truth over years even we based on some artifact wrote by Plato also known as Aristocle and the articles has yet prove wrong because of some creepy rock etc found by the archeologists. With those finding it really set my mind that Plato story is not a myth after all even nobody has found the exact location for this civilization.

The thing that really makes me exited is about the destruction theories of the lagendary civilization. it takes years to develop such kind of civilization but based on the storyteller it takes just a day to put everything deep down into the earth by the earthquake and floods and become history. but based on the hypothesis made by the researcher some of them said that there was a volcano on the island that erupted and splitting a big wave of lava and buried the city on the island itself. Another researcher said that the island was hit by a meteor and exerting the destructive power like a thousand nuclear bombs. That’s so WOW for me. You know what? This kind of destruction seems very familiar for me.  it really remind me about Noah and his arc, on how the big flood destroy everything and it really make me to think on WHY God had punished them with that kind of disaster.

Based on Plato the storyteller, the Atlantis society was punished because of the development had change the people to became greedy, depraved, corrupted etc and were then divinely punished for it by the earthquake and big FLOODS. A FLOODS guys!! For sure it must be a big waves to destroy everything on the island and the island itself. The disaster was really similar with what Noah and his people had faced.

So this is just my two cents...Does Noah and Atlantis is just the same story? did he come from that legendary island? i really don’t know, but my feeling just told me, yes it is....just im an enthusiastic of mysterious lover but I’m not an expert so my thought is not valid for any kind of hypothesis. It will become a laughing-stock among people who are really into this area.

Whatever relation it is, too good to be true, the reason why the civilization has divinely punished is now a major thing to be discuss.

Could we imagine what may happen to our own home? This is just a warning perhaps to us as a khalifah, we may be heading down the same path of greed and corruption, this story is already stated on the Quran and we must know that Quran is for our references and of course to warning us so much so as to warrant us to a similar divine punishment...
So open your eyes widely, and tell me what have you see around you. the divine punishments is just waiting for the call.

So once again i will put this question for you and me to think about.
Are we ready guys?

With our technology advancing in leaps and bounds, will we reveal the mysteries? even it will takes another thousands years to come, i pretty sure that we will find the answer. But the real question is, will we repeat the same mistakes even we already got the samples..for me the corruption definitely will happen, but will we be part of it? 
Will you?

Once again WE THINK!

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