Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sherlock's 1x01: "A Study In Pink"

For the Sherlock`s fans out there, you must watch this seriously but of course you need to download it first.lolx
the 1st. 2nd and 3rd series has already been released. 

On the 1st episode, it will story on how Dr John Watson decided to become a friend with the real freaking psychopath detective.He assume that life with sherlock will never be boring again. it will story too on how both of them cooperate to defeat a serial killer, a dying cabbie driver who kills for money. the more he kills more will he get from the fan of sherlock itself, Moriarty

i dont want to write more, because i myself hate to read the synopsis of my favorite movies because for me it will ruin the taste of it.So i`ll leave it up for you to judge as a fan.
but for me, i will rating this 1st series : 8 out of 10. it will really whack your brain..lolx

Sherlock 1x02 The Blind Banker
Sherlock 1x03 The Great Game


Anonymous said...

The amusing information

She is f.A.z.A said...

drama series rite???
byk plak kn download nih ngeh3

Mr Ciky said...

errmmm..tak tau nk ctagorize kan drama ke movies..coz normally drama macam kyle xy, heroes, prison break dlam an hour per serie, tp ni dalam 1 1/2 hours. lolx..entah la..:P

drama siries la kot..hahha.


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