Friday, August 20, 2010

astro beyond - what da heck? RM199??

will you pay for something but it is not yours?
will you care about the life time warranty provided but the item is not yours?

cut that crab. nobody will but for the astro subscriber this thing is normal because you have no other choice.

for the existing customer - the old decoder is yours, but if you want to subscribe the HD channel, you need to change to new astro beyond decoder, dont worry its free plus got a lifetime warranty. + free installation service

nice pakage isnt it?

but who cares about the lifetime warantty because the decoder is not yours anymore. you need to return back the decoder once you have terminating the astro service or else RM500 will be charged if you are fail to.

for new customer -

same pakages has been offered by astro but you need to pay RM199 extra
I called the astro service center last week.

im asking whats the reason for RM199 and the astro representative said that its the price for the decoder and the waranty is for a lifetime

how long is the contract period - a year,  if you terminate the service before the contract period you need to pay it.

the decoder is mine? - no, its not, even if you terminate the service after the contract period, you still need to return it back to astro

what the heck? so RM199, what for? - emm its for the lifetime warranty service sir...

the decoder is not mine..who cares about the warranty..but i have no choice since astro is a monopoly and capitalist company. the new epl & uefa season is already begin..

huh! i hate astro but something in me craving for this bloody service
why am i subsribing astro - read this -,+ESPN+win+EPL+deal+in+Malaysia-a01612018091

 i have no choice. WE have no other choice.
but believe me, if TM win the bid for ESPN  someday, of course i will terminate this bloody services. i know TM is still the monopoly company but remmembere TM is one of the GLC`s

capitalist = everithing is possible.
monopoly = customers is our toys
this kind of thing is useless since astro is the monopoly company. shit lah..

p/s : aku rase asto service center salah bg info. maybe 199 is for installation fee..199 untuk installation fee sangat mahal la..damit. tapi kalau untuk decoder..totally bullshit..

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leong kang kee said...

ye la` lain kali jangan guna perkataan free?(percuma)untuk menarik perhatian pengguna dalam banyak2 pelanggan kat malaysia malas nak bergaduh itu sebab mereka malas nak layan benda2 macam ni, lagi pun takada syarikat lain yang bangun untuk bersaing dengan astro kalau ada pasti mereka akan berfikir dan menukar cara baru untuk menarik pelanggan ,harap2 dalam masa terdekat ni ada syarikat baru yang sangup bersaing dengan astro baru seronok ada pesaing boleh kita tengok mereka main politik bersih@kotor ,tapi pihak kerajaan kena main peranan dan bagi peluang kepada syarikat lain naik lagi banyak boleh dapat hasil dari kutipan cukaidan negara akan bertambah maju seiring dengan negara lain tidaklah kita terlambat 10tahun dari negara yang maju... fikir-fikirkan


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