Monday, July 5, 2010

TKO vs myKopitiam

LULX, This morning im checking my nang referral tool, and I found this.

Another extravaganza LULX has been detected.
I cant stop laughing just now and sorry it make me lazy to print screen all these bloody stuffs in order to include it in my bloody blog.

Can I just paste the link here?
sure I can because this is my bloody blog. I can do what ever I want

Another retard has been spotted.

"aku baca part atas je

ini budak ni betul bodoh sial , dah itu bukan kerusi dia , bukan kedai dia , order apalancau. macamni aku duduk kopitiam yang right across Rafi bistro pastu aku order roti canai dari sana boleh aa ? stupid bodoh otak taruk kat lutut , pastu dok speaking english dengan mommy mommy dia , nak je aku lempang laju laju budak2 sial perasan high class ni. fuck "

hhahah...WTH...lain kali bace kasi habis dlu la malaun..serius bile aku bace ape bdak ni tulis kat forum..rase die ni bodoh tahap jamban public je..tak paham bahase??lulx.ade die issue kerusi sape..kedai aku ke? bebal tahap dewa...wakakakak

The bloody lulx for me for this day seriously..lulx

but something that need to be highlighted here... damn!!i still need to do the print screen things!!

lulx 1

lulx 2

For me the moderator for this forum seems smart & mature. He gave his thought brilliantly . I salute him. if compared with TKO, this moderator is at his own level while debating. 

but please give more focus on peakaboo99 & hex...

you know what am I thinking just now?
LULX...Retards forumers has been spotted.

Thanks nang for this damn extravaganza LULX....

p/s : Surprisingly TKO did well this time..OMG..hahha..
click here

p/s : wakkakakkakaka


dee said...

glamer siot blog ko.

She is f.A.z.A said...

for sure u know wat u r doing rite.
just b yourself..

Anonymous said...



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