Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I just want to declare that im addicted to pc mods!!..arrghh damn..I`d found my life got busted with pc modification since I bought my new rig with amd 940 PII installed on it. my self turn crazy big spender. I already made an order for a cpu cooling system this week. what can i say is this thing is huge, it look like a beast who conquer each inches on the mobo. Actually I know its hard to maintain my PC if it got lots of huge items. but i don't know why I`d to choose to like a huge item inside my rig..haha..its look fantastic for me
The Zalman 9700NT, I`d choose the beast with green light because my pc theme is on green y mode. hmm..i know it will be hard for cable management on that pc. arrgghh and i still need to thinking about PSU,GC,extra fans,etc,etc..

you got msg!! : holy crab. my 1 tera hd was full...medey money...please make some donation to me..over!!

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Ereen Aveira said...

u r crazy dude!! better do a saving for ur wedding mike!


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