Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The bible has a weaknesses

I want to share something that is really owesome. I cant stop giggled after read some good stuff on the net. an entry written by obefiend on his blog was really made me laughed.

I think Malaysian know what is the Malaysia today is. Malaysia today = the place to get an evidence that came from the reliable sources. The holy bible for PKR supporters referring to when they had confused or try to seek an evidence that the writer claimed came from the reliable sources. So now we know that the pranker are included as one of their reliable sources.
please read this and then you will know the reason why am I laughed for.
obefiend blog

RPK got pranked!! So do you still believe in Antatuya issue that written by RPK was came from the reliable sources? Do you still believe on what RPK wrote?
For me, yes we should..we should if he providing us with how he got the sources. But if he do that. for sure most of his articles are labeled as a mere hearsay. lol :P

you got pranked!! WAKENAbeb!!

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