Saturday, June 27, 2009

Malaysia VS Manchester United .

Hi guys. I really want to write something regarding on the topic above. but my previous week was quite busy watching prison break and supernatural. I missed a lot of episodes because no internet connection to dload. so i need to copy it in bundles from my friend. arrgghhh.. supernatural are really awesome. i already finish watched it and cant wait to know what will happen next on session 5.
OK back to the topic. I already bought 3 tickets to watch MU live at bukit jalil stadium. unfortunately for me, ticket for 98rm already sold out. so no choice!! only 68rm tickets are still available.
aarrhhh....damn to anep..hes the first malaysian who bought the tic and hes included for the training session pass. damn you anep, why dont you inform all of your friends before made that purchased! zzzzz

anyway glory glory man united!!
see you at bukit jalil stadium

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