Thursday, February 24, 2011

Malaysia Vs Pakistan 2012 Olympic qualifying - 2

last night i went to Shah Alam Stadium with my friends..we planned to meet at gate C. ughh..i forgot where the hell the gate C was because the last time i went to this stadium is about 3-4 years ago for Malaysia vs Singapore match. The same feeling i felt when my father took me to make my first step into this stadium for Final game NS vs Perak in year 2000. a great wave from Malaysia fans last night, the drum,shout and chants  made me drown along the wave of fans until the last minute of game. football must not be such fantastic and marvelous  without the fans right?. yeah indeed.

anyway. i enjoyed the game until the last minute and Malaysia played a fantastic football last night. it just awesome for me to be a witness for the glory and great day for the Malaysia team- we won the first leg of the game.hohoho
gogo Malaysia.

Tanah Tumpahnya Darahku..
2-0 - the score board  

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