Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Message 1976

A good movie to be watched by the muslim/non muslim seriously. the story of Islam where Muhammad as the Messenger of Allah to the whole mankind. no need CGI or good sound system to produce this, lots of information resides will surely top-up your knowledge. in my point of view, i really love the character of Saidina Hamzah who sacrifices everything for Allah and His messenger. He was a great warrior after all, no wonder hes greatly  known as Hamzah the lion of Allah.

My advice to Malaysian film industry is, please stop producing CITE HANTU, CITE JONGANG, CITE JULING, CITE KEPAM or what so ever. you should try this genre at least.with this kind of movies, there is a moral and knowledge inside  that can develop our society, play your roles, dont misused it and dont just only think about money.

p/s : did you know, the producers of this film is a muslim and he took almost 7 years to produce this for us. this was a passion they put to make this movie has the quality inside. 

SAY NO to Hantu, Kepam, jongang, juling dan lain lain yang seangkatan dengan nye..producer film Malaysia tak pergi sekolah ke? movie  mcm dari orang tak educated langsung..

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