Thursday, April 16, 2009

celcom`s broadband

Howdy guys. This is the first day im using celcom broadband that I have purchased on PC fair last weekend. So i want to share something about this service with all of you.

I went to PC fair with my girlfriend and I think that is the first and the last pc fair for me. its is to crowded with people whos maniac to gadget, pc and others digital technologies things. once we entered that building, there is no turning back for us anymore. we need to kept moving forward followed the current of people. meaning that we need to visit all shops there until we met the exit.

I was dizzy inside the building 2 times and it takes me 4 hours just only for a broadband subscription's with the starter kit. It cost me RM 299. @@ damn!! It seem like it was a booby prize for both of us.
The dealer agent promised me that the line will be activated after 48hours, and it made me cant forbear my self to start on using it. so i went back home then waiting for the activation. But after 6 days this thing still didnt worked. I lost my patience to wait and then I grasp my phone and called the celcom service center. The agent that I had called said that he cant do noting to help because my application is still not submitted yet. he had blame the dealers and asking me to call the dealer directly. it was surprised me!!when I call the dealer, they argue with me and keep saying that the form has been submitted to celcom and it truly tasted my patience!! I gave a called to celcom agent back and asked him to logged my report as a high priority and I wanted it to be solved by next day.

pheewwss... thanks to God, my line is activated now. so I wrote this kind of things on my blog`s to release my disappointment.

so there is several lesson that i can share with you all.

1st - dont involve you self with pc fair. (PC fair just make you tired and wasting your time if you not planning what need to buy- its not a good place to hanging around)
2nd - dont buy any celcom product with the dealers. (buy directly from provider rather than dealers)
3rd - dont using broadband if you have choice to use streamyx. its slow. even I know that streamyx is always sux, but this is the best in malaysia. we have no pity)

and my last word for this post. Thanks to PC fair for the booby prize!

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Epool86 said...

i use celcom broadband for more than two years already...

by the way, i visit pc fair just for suka2, tgk org ramai2 lol.. in term of price/promotion, not so much different, better go shopping at


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