Monday, April 27, 2009

Resignation Letter

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this letter to inform you of my decision to quit my position in the company, and hence tendering my resignation. I will be serving my notice of resignation effective immediately.

After most a year working with this company, things have not been up to my expectation and I feel it is time for me to look for opportunities to further my study. Right now I am waiting for a scholarship for master’s study from the government. Even though I still not receiving any result yet but I think this is the best way for me. Day by day I am feeling unmotivated to work and it will be a burden to other members in Delphi Wintel. So by tendering this notice it would show my respect to other team members.

I believe that working in any organization involves a mutually beneficial relationship that requires the worker performing at his/her best and the company providing a happy working place to its employees. Unfortunately that has not been the case with me.

I would like to stress that I did my best to accustom myself with the work culture in the organization and make myself a good team player. In the end, I conclude that staying longer is not a win-win solution and I believed that most of my team members are feeling the same.

Before I am leaving this company, I would like to share something from my observation, my team is doing well and most of them are really great and talented. But I find out they had a bad strings and unmotivated nowadays. I really hope the company will come out with something that can motivate the unmotivated engineers soon.

If some of the words here in any way have caused any inconvenience to you, I regret and apologize, but I tried to write with all honesty.

I wish the company all the best in the future undertakings.

Yours sincerely,
Mohd Hafiz Bin Noordin
Technical Support
Delphi Wintel Engineer


s'luriahk said...

giler babi....updated siot....technical exec di TM. hahaha

RyuJi said...

diam la ko kemal..aku blasah ko nnt..aku ni bakal agm ko tau tak..hahaha


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