Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Global Economic Recession.

My Kampung is the best ever place for me to release my self from the bustle of metropolitan life . Siting on comfort sofa with laptop in hand and waiting for tonight EPL Man United clash with Porthmouth game, hoping united will win to return back to the top of the table.

Haha..For those who are not familiar with 24*7 shift patern work will judge my current job as a freaking weird. As per week im just working for 3 days and the rest 4days will be my rest day.

I enjoying this type of patern even i need to work 12hours a day if im on shift. I dont have any idea and cant imagine what will happen if im turn to work in normal working patern like most of people did.

With current global economic crisis that we facing right now, based on my observation`s, most of my friend`s tasted the impact of it. In HP as an example, major changes on the structure of the organization has been made and it involved my department`s. new account named Shared Delivery(SD) is implemented in order to reducing the labor cost. They got an idea from the factory model means that everyone will do the same things on their daily task until the boredness is killing them. even i still not moving to SD team yet, but i do feel the SD workplace enviroment, because SD teams is placed just infront of my cubical. im feeling sickly and disappointed about what had happened at HP, with all CCTV shot directly to everyone brain, we need to work like we are being watched by lot of snipers and they are ready to shot our head if we are doing something that is wrong. Thank god it just a CCTV, if HP hired snipers to watched over their employee, for sure my head is the first to get shoted.

warning dude!! so scary

Despite all the increments and lot of things has been freezed for this year, the workload incresed, Delphi`s woriors still did very well. for me, a compliment need to be given to my team for a great performances. if compared with the other team at HP, i would say my team is the best, the cooperation between engineers is absolutely perfect.

I hope the management will acknoledge our best effort for HP, if not they will lose lots of good engineers in HP building. They need to act accordingly, give somethings that can show that HP acknoledged their staff instead of waiting for engineer sending out 1 month notice period and then they will come out with new offer latter to persuade engineers.

For everything had happened at HP, I will facing it with guts, all I need right now is just to keep patience and smiles. Even the world is in recession, i always do believe that we can survive because that is why human been created. we were created to survive in this world and not to die.
Anyway I always pray the good for my country to recover from economic crisis soon.

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