Wednesday, April 14, 2010

More about unifi...

Superb jokes by the malaysian. Does unifi pakages look too expensive to malaysian? Ohhhh Emmmm Gyyyyyy..sound gay rite?..they must be joking or something. 52% (the majority) from 4415 voters said that unifi packages are too expensive for them?Dont they know what is the different between 1mb and 10mb?whats IPTV stands for? So now who should we blame? for me we should blame the product`s name itself. unifi is something "ah qua", penis-less, dick-less and bla bla bla that cant carry the superb image of it`s packages. People out there will think that unifi is another siput babi product, same class/standard with WiMax, maxis BEROKband and others.

example 1

anak : bapak jom kite pasang unifi. ade TV, Internet, talipon..pakage 2 die 199 je bapak..

bapak : dah2 jangan nk mengade2..mahal gile tuh..199..rumah kite sume dah ade..astro ade..talipon ade..WiMax pon ade..penat2 ayah "potong"..takkan nk pasang balik..Cis bedebah..

anak : .....(blur)...bapak tau ke unifi tu ape?

bapak : cis unifi tu macam WiMax gak la..nk main intenet.tak pon maxis berokband..

anak : ......(blur lagi)

(i have just been informed by his mother that her son did suicide after ran away from his house because he cannot stand to stay forever in siput babi age)

So i still want to stress my feeling that im sick when looking at unifi promotion`s banner!!it doesn't look superb for me even tho i know that the product`s itself have it value. "unifi" cant really describe the great performance of the product. it doesn't show any evolution & transformation of the technology that has been implemented. "uni" = "one" "FI" = "Fiber"?? 1fiber?? 1malaysia??
does TM marketing people really play their roles?

sickly disappointed!!

to 10% people who didn't want any improvement for the speed of their connection..feel free to subscribe maxis BEROKband, or WiMax..and wish you happy playing solitare or pacman.. zaman siput babi is still the best for you...

p/s : to choose a superb product name is the first step of successful marketing plan.. if you fail to choose, it doesn't mean that your product fail,but the next step could be harder!
credit to for poll result pic.

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dEe said...

aku pkai wimax. aku puas hati. laju je. tp mebi tak selaju unifi yg dibangga2 kan ko....


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