Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Selamatkan Iphone daripada Terluka..

i`d choose to like my iphone look naked and that's why i bought and installed ZAGG's invisibleSHIELD™ on my iphone before. this thing is good, it is a virtually indestructible film that will protect your iPhone 3G from unsightly scratches.

• Scratch-Proof, patented film
• Military Grade
Lifetime guarantee
• No added bulk
• Improves grip
• Invisible protection
• Easy to remove, leaving no sticky residue

im sucks..and this things sucks me alot. To be honest it takes me around 2-3 hours sitting like crazy old folks in front of my iphone(mencangkung), all super otromen + gaban power dah habis aku gune untuk ia kelihatan chaannteekkk, or in other word i`d tried to installed it as good as i can.. as a result it still sucks and i think the result will remain the same even if i spend another extra 2 or 100 hours..damn noob and of course i don't have enough patience to did that.

when it was covered by that film.i can conclude that on that time my iphone was 100% protected from scratch but at the same time its looked ugly and macam kene penyakit sopak)..after 2 months...sbb tak tahan dengan iphone yg kelihatan berbogel dan berkurap..aku bogel kan balik..lolx..Totally removed..totally naked..Total damaged RM85.. T_T

so my iphone is naked its available to be scratched...its time for me to find the new and better one.

P/s : there is 2 things that can make my wife being possess and turn into supernatural crazy and mad at me is ( terpengaruh supernatural season 5)
1)when im reading/playing something with my iphone
2)when im surfing/chatting something with my lappy+wifi..
so guess.. who will do some critical scratch on my beloved iphone?

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