Wednesday, April 7, 2010

update : new drug types has been discovered.

1. Supernatural
This type of drug will make people feel like they has been possessed by the demon or maybe sometimes he feel like he is one of the demon hunters.

- cant do any work at home. on weekend victim will activate "marathon" mode and muse in front of monitor and sometimes got stunned by the sound effect. piece
this drug is created by Oda, the sifu of manga. same symptoms like supernatural. victim will spend most of their time downloading the update and activate "marathon" mode.victim will try to stretch his/her hand to switch on/off the light using "gomu gomu no rifle"

often checking updates at, searching for new one piece spoiler, laughing like hell because of luffy and zorro character is very damn idiot.
really hate the world government and feel like being pirate is the best job ever.

p/s : please help me..rite now im addicted to these type of drugs.what should i do it true that entertainments sometimes can make people turn insane? insane mode activated...wakkakakakka..insanity is good sometimes to relief the burden of yours...wakakkaka

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