Saturday, April 17, 2010

WWF - World Wild Fund for Nature

Have you ever heard about WWF? ( World Wild Fund for Nature, formerly known as World Wildlife Fund). Actually I am one of thousands across the country who make some donation each month to WWF-Malaysia to conserve Malaysian beauty including research and restoration to the wild and nature environment.

For a living planet

In my childhood, I love to watch Discovery Channel. During that time there is no Astro or any satelite TV installed in my house. Only TV3 on that time serve my family with Discovery Channel every Thursday if im not mistaken. So on Thursday Me and my family will sit and wait for my fav channel about wild life on TV. Lots of information about wild life can be learned and it made me concern about them a lot. We care about the development for our country but do we really care about them? about their habitat? about their life? they have their own family there, how do you feel when your house been taken by someone else without your permission? I`ll throw all these question for you to think about it and im sure i will get the positive answer.

Today I have my own career and they pay me for my work each month. To be honest, I hate to waste my money to the beggars around KL because I think for each donation from me will cause the increasing number of lazy people who think begging from someone is the best way to survive even tho they are able to do something to live and sometimes got bad asses who used the unable person for their own goods. So for me the best way is, we just donate our money directly to mosque or directly to the registered organization that we can trust to spend the money that we donate in the right way for example : WWF-Malaysia

How to donate?

Its simply like you pay your bill online. there are 2 types of way to donate your money to WWF-Malaysia i.e one time donation and monthly donation.
for more information just click here

What will you get?
Actually I choose to make monthly donation to WWF-Malaysia and I received a starter kit contained a certificate of appreciation, WWF-Malaysia car sticker and you will get a magazine once a year in Febuary to learn more about the important of a living planet and keep us update on what they are doing to the planet, plus a tax-deductable receipt for your contribution for the previous year.

I had stick the car sticker to help spread the important conservation message.

The cert

On behalf of WWF-Malaysia i like to call all of you to make some donation. Why need to wait until it is too late? I have taken the first crucial step in making the difference, so when is yours? If you really care about future you should care about a living planet and this is one of the solution to show that you are concern about OUR FUTURE.

Please enjoy this vid


p/s : Noting we can do if everything was destroyed, so why don't we start from NOW!!it is useless to regret for something that we already missed.DONATE NOW!


LynnLyana said...

saya pun mau join malas pula nk study mcm ne nk join..huhuhu

dEe said...

aku derma utk wwf nh debit ke kredit kad aje...


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